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This section explains the main steps in using learningBOX for different administrators and learners.
Please check out our service introduction video to see what learningBOX can do for you.

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  1. New Account Registration

    To get started with learningBOX, register for a new account. You can register for free. Once you have registered, login to learningBOX.

    Register for an account (free)

    How to register a new account (administrator)


    If you want to use the paid plan, you can apply for the paid plan from My Page after registration.

     Sign up for a paid plan (new)

    Images of sample teaching materials
    With sample materials
    Let's learn the learningBOX!
    When you login to learningBOX, you will find "Sample Materials" registered as learning materials to learn how to use learningBOX and its functions. Experience the sample materials and learn learningBOX!
    registration screen
  2. Creation of teaching materials

    First, create the tests, exercises and materials you want to distribute to your learners from Manage Content. Next, combine the tests, exercises, etc. you've created into a "Create Course".

    How to use Manage content

    Creating courses

    Course Setting Points
    Points to consider when setting up a course
    When setting up a course, it is smoother to think about the "course design" before creating content such as tests and exercises.
    The general course design is as follows: study (video, PDF, web, etc.) → practice questions → test → certificate.
    Teaching material creation screen
  3. Assign teaching materials

    Assign the learning materials you created in Step 2 to each learning group. By assigning materials to each learning group, only the materials you want the learners to study will be displayed.
    To do so, first, go to "Manage members" and "Create Group".

    Creating groups

    Next, you can assign teaching materials from "Manage content". You can also assign teaching materials from "Manage members".

    Distributing contents to groups


    It doesn't matter which of Step03~Step06 you proceed from. However, it is recommended to proceed in the order of Step 03 to Step 06, because you can set only the items you want to display to the learner first.

    Image of teaching material allocation
  4. My Page Settings

    Customize the items displayed on My Page when a learner logs in.
    You can show/hide "Member Panel", "Manage scores", and "Notifications from Provider", and you can also set whether members can/can't edit their profiles.

    How to use the My Page settings

    My page screen
  5. Member registration

    Invite members (learners) from "Manage members". If the member belongs to the group created in Step 3, the teaching materials assigned in Step 3 will be displayed on the member's learning screen.

    Inviting members

    If you want to have members (learners) apply for registration, you can set it from the "Input Field List" of "Manage members".
    This function requires a dedicated server or shared server (with design customization) contract.

    Account Registration

    Member Registration Screen
  6.  Check scores

    When you invite members and they start learning, you can check their learning status from Manage scores and Scoring/analyzing.

    How to use Manage scores

    How to use Progress record

    Score Management Screen
  • 01
    receive an invitation

  • 02
    Learn Contents

  • 03
    Check socres

  1. receive an invitation

    First, the administrator of the learning environment will register you (the learner) as a member. Once the administrator completes the member registration, you will receive an email with your ID and password. Use that ID and password to login to learningBOX.

    Some learning environments are set not to issue an invitation email. In that case, you need to get your ID and password directly from the administrator. When using learningBOX from a URL other than "", it may be possible for learners to apply to use the service. In that case, you need to register the necessary information from the registration form, and after the administrator approves your registration, you will be able to login.

    Image of Receiving an Invitation
  2. Learn Contents

    When you open "Study", the study materials will be displayed in a list. You can start learning by selecting each material.

    Learn Contents

    Teaching material favorite button
    Bookmark your favorite materials
    When you select the "heart mark" icon attached to a teaching material, it is registered in your "Favorite Teaching Materials". Once registered, all the registered teaching materials will be displayed together, so you can check and study the materials immediately.

    Register your favorite teaching materials

    Learning screen
  3. Check socres

    The grades of the materials you studied in Step02 will be recorded in "Grade Management". You can check your score/strategy rate, pass/fail, study time, and progress.
    It may not be displayed depending on the learning environment you are using.

    Check socres

    Grade confirmation screen

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