Setting Account Expiration Date

Up to ver 2.13 of learningBOX, once you set the expiration date, you could not change it.
The status "Waiting for login" will be replaced with "Enabled" from 2.14 onwards.

How to use account expiration dates

Log in as a user with learningBOX owner account and group management privileges.
Click Member Management.

LearningBOX - Security - Member management


Select the member for whom you want to set the expiration date.
Since this is a practice, we'll use this user, [tatsuno-user-a], as an example.

learningBOX-account expiration date


Click to display the Edit Member screen.

LearningBOX - Member management


Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a section called [Expiration Date].
You can configure the settings here.

LearningBOX - Membership management - Expiry dates


From 2.14 onwards, the status Waiting for Login will be replaced by Enabled.

learningBOX-Setting account expiration date


The number of valid days will also be reworded to the expiration date.

Account expiration settings-learningBOX

There is no need to set the expiration date again.

The expiration date can be set from three options: [From Login Date], [From Creation Date], and [Expiration Date].
"You can set the effective date from the calendar.
When you have finished the settings, click [Save] to complete the settings.

learningBOX - How to set the expiration date


Batch setting of multiple members

Here, we will introduce the bulk setting (expiration date) for multiple members.
Please click the plus button and go to [Bulk operation (CSV)] > [Member download].
When you click [Member Download], a CSV file will be downloaded in the lower left corner.



Open the CSV file you downloaded.

About setting the effective date


Set the expiration type and the number of days of validity.


Save the CSV file, and then upload the file from the [Member Bulk Registration/Update] screen.



Finally, click the Register button at the bottom right to complete the setting.

LearningBOX - Batch registration