Enhanced password functionality

Starting from ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, new features have been added to enhance security.
This page introduces the newly added and changed password characters and character types.

How to use the password function

Login to the learningBOX.
Click the arrow next to [Settings] on the side menu bar.

LearningBOX - Security settings - Password function


Click Security Settings.

Security features of learningBOX


The security setting screen is displayed.
You can change or edit your password from this setting page.

Security settings-learningBOX


Strengthen the number of characters in the password

In Ver2.13 and earlier, the minimum password length was fixed at 8 characters, but from Ver2.14 onwards, the minimum password length can be changed between 8 and 30 characters.

Ver2.13 ⇒ (8 characters) Example) sample01
Ver2.14 ⇒ (8 to 30 characters) Example) sample01 ~ sample0123456789

learningBOX-Password settings


Password character type

In Ver2.13 and earlier, it was mandatory to use at least one half-width English character and one half-width numeric character for passwords. However, since Ver2.14, you can add a minimum character type for passwords.

learningBOX-Password character type

You can add English letters (at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter) and special symbols.

Reject passwords that contain the same string of characters as the user ID

Before Ver2.13, you could set a password with the exact same string of characters as your user ID, but from Ver2.14 onwards, you can choose to "Allow/Disallow" the use of the wording used in your login ID.

learningBOX-Security settings-Enhanced password functionality

If you disable the toggle switch for "Allow the use of the wording used in the login ID when setting the password", the character string including the login ID will cause an error when checking the input of a new password.

If you do not allow the use of the wording used in the login ID when setting the password
This time, since it is practice, I will introduce it by using the case where "login ID and password" is [tatsuno9] as an example.

In the case of an exact match

learningBOX-Password settings-2.14

An error message will be displayed if there is an exact match between the login ID and password strings.

If the password is a partial match, you can change it.

LearningBOX - About the enhancement of password function


Passwords that have been used in the past

Before Ver2.13, it was possible to set a password that was set in the past, but if the previous password is entered as a new password, an error message will be displayed.

learningBOX-Password Enhancement Settings

The last two passwords (one before the current one and the current one) are in error.