Display the last login date and time

Starting from ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, new features have been added to enhance security.
This page introduces the newly added feature of displaying the last login date and time.

About the function to display the last login date and time

When you login to learningBOX, logged in users will see their last login date and time at the top.
Most recent login:Last time you logged into learningBOX
Last LoginThe next most recent login date and time.

learningBOX-Last login


Click Access Log to see the member's access log information.

learningBOX-access log


The member's access log is displayed in a list.

Security-access log-learningBOX


When you log in as a user who does not have the setting page access privileges

When you log in to learningBOX, you will see your last login date and time at the top.

learningBOX-access privileges


If you click "Access Log" in the header menu, only your access history will be displayed.


The access logs of other members are not displayed.

Access log-learningBOX