How to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk

Starting with version 2.14 or later of learningBOX, new features have been added to enhance security within the system.
This page introduces the newly added method of disabling cookies from being stored on your hard disk.
You can use this new feature safely by not using the "Restore Previous Session" function of your browser.

setup procedure

Login to the learningBOX.
Click the arrow next to [Settings] on the side menu bar.

LearningBOX - Security settings - Password function


Click Security Settings.

Security features of learningBOX


The security setting screen is displayed.

Security settings-learningBOX


Scroll down and enable the toggle switch for [Logout when window is closed].
When you are done, click the Save button to complete the settings.

learningBOX-Security settings-cookie


Close the window after setting.

LearningBOX security settings-cookie


The user who closes the window is logged out, and the storage of cookies on the hard disk can be prohibited.

Security settingscookie-learningBOX

If you have multiple windows open and both display the same environment.
Window 1 should be unlogged in.
Window 2 will not log you out if you are logged in, close the window and reopen it to access the environment you were logged in as.

learningBOX - How to set up security


If you open a new window again, it will access the environment you were just logged into.

learningBOX security settings


About Chromebooks and Firefox

If you do not log out, your session will be retained.
Firefox] The session maintenance function takes priority.