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Various SCORM-compliant teaching materials
learning curve Next function after viewing
If you pass, move on to the next function.
Manage Members Individual Invitation
Send invitation email
Batch invitation by CSV
Function to update information by CSV
Editing input fields
group function Group folder creation function
group hierarchy function
Setting up distribution of teaching materials Can be distributed by folder and group
Establishing a distribution period for teaching materials Distribution period can be set by folder
Limitations on the number of times you can take the course material Tests can be administered by setting up a one-time course material and so on
Ability to release administrative privileges to members You can only view the scores of members in a specific group.
You can edit only the material in a specific folder.
Only the grades in a specific folder in a specific group can be viewed, and all the materials can be edited.
Security Enhancement Features Two-factor authentication
login IP limit
Login log function You can view the login logs of the users you have invited into your environment.
Notification function You can post announcements from the administrators on My Page.
message box function You can send a message to a specific group or to a specific member.
Teaching material sales function With the EC function, the ability to sell educational materials is available (*only dedicated server plan)
Public Access to Materials Available for inclusion in the list of questions open to the public