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We offer a wide range of tests and certifications made by learningBOX for you to take at your own venue.

If you're looking for a CBT exam room, you're in the right place.

CBT with learningBOX

CBT test

If you need a venue for a computer-based examination or test, but cannot secure a venue in-house, you can use the following servicesConducted at a site based test center that supports CBT (Computer Based Testing)We recommend that you do this.
learningBOX works with companies that provide CBT venues, so we can provide you withWe can offer you the opportunity to take the examinations and promotion tests created by learningBOX at a dedicated venue..


Dedicated staff and equipment

All venues are staffed by dedicated staff.The environment and equipment for web and online examinationsIt has been done.
In all venues.A full-time staff member is in charge of verifying the identity of the user (or candidate), explaining the test in advance, distributing materials and supporting the operation of the equipment on your behalf.I will I will be in charge of users from the reception to the end of the day, and will also provide support and help in case of any problems.
We have a reception desk, waiting room, lockers, computers (tablets), desks, chairs, and interview equipment (cameras, headsets, lights).

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Covering all test sites across the country

Support for 150 venues in 109 regions in 47 prefectures in JapanThis is useful for companies with offices across the country that need to hold promotion exams or certification exams at a site where there are candidates nationwide.

CBT exams across the country using learningBOX

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