About the number of times you can take a course

Starting with learningBOX 2.5.0, you can set the number of times you want to take a course, such as 2 or 3 times, and you can have students take a course up to a specific number of times.
It is also possible to set a course interval limit (time). You can set up to 720 hours for the interval between taking a course and re-taking it.

1. log in to learningBOX and click "Content Management" in the sidebar or "Content Management" in the red box.


From the Content Management page, click "Limit Number of Times" for the question you want to set.


3. The "Course Limitation" screen will appear. Set the number of times you want to take the course to 1-10 times or unlimited.

The course interval limit (time) can be set in one-hour increments up to a maximum of 720 hours.
In the case of 0, you can retake the course immediately without any interval.


When you set the limit of times, the color of the icon will change to blue as shown in the red frame.


5. The following information is displayed on the "Learn" screen. Number of times limit(0/2)


6. If you have set a limit on the time between lessons, the date and time until you can take the lesson again will be displayed as shown below after you have taken the lesson once.


If you click on a question after you have completed one lesson, the message "Please wait until you can take the course again" will appear and you will not be able to take the course.