Design Customization

Design customization is a paid option that allows you to change the URL, top page, side menu, and color scheme for your company.

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Design customization support

There are two options for design customization support.
In addition to the options below, you can use the design customization.License Agreementis required.

For those who are considering design customization

After you apply for design customization, you will need to submit a design request form, server construction form, etc., and coordinate with our staff. Therefore, it will take some time to start operation. For details, please refer to the following pageA page summarizing the precautions and flowWe will provide you with the following information. Please be sure to check in advance.

Also, design customization isSite customizer functionYou can also do this yourself by using the If you wish to use the Site Customizer function, please contact us in advance atContact UsPlease.

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Please contact us if you have any inquiry about how to use learningBOX or considering to upgrade to the pro plan, or design customization!
We can help you such inquiries at the online meeting.

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