API linkage

API linkage

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Comfortable for large scale use and operation management!
Single sign-on to core systems and performance integration

By linking APIs between learningBOX and external core systems, information management such as member management and performance management can be centralized, leading to a reduction in operation management time.
Also, with the single sign-on function of API integration, learners can smoothly log in to learningBOX using IDs and passwords issued by other systems, making it more comfortable for them.

function 01

single sign-on

When you log in to the core system, you automatically log in to learningBOX.

function 02

Automatic user creation

Users registered in the core system are registered in learningBOX through API linkage. Group information can also be reflected.

function 03

grade collaboration

Automatically import specific results data in the learningBOX into the core system.

API linkage Overview

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Contract Options Design customization and dedicated server's
cost(annual contract) First year fee 220,000 yen/year~
Available for Shared server / design customization available.
or dedicated server users.
Payment method Bank transfer / Credit card payment
12-month contract
List of APIs Single sign-on/ PUSH notifications Batch content retrieval API Grade Listing API Grade Detail API/ *Batch API to retrieve grade details/ Member List API / Member List API / Member List API / Member List API Member Details API/ Add Member API/ Member Update API/ Delete Member API/ Group Assignment API Group List Retrieval API Group Add API / Group Add API / Group Add API Group Update API Group Deletion API API for assigning teaching materials to groups/ Access List API > Get List / Access List API > Add / Access List API > Update / Access List API > Delete / Login / Restrict access to educational materials > Get List / Login / Restrict access to educational materials > Add / Login / Restrict access to educational materials > Update / Login and educational material access restrictions > Delete / Member Integration API/ API for retrieving a list of related parties API for adding a new user Related Persons Update API/ Delete related person API/ Payment history (by order) acquisition API/ SAML integration LDAP integration


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