Message Box

Message Box Main Screen

Message tool for use within the learningBOX!
Batch sending to individual users as well as to groups

The message box allows you to easily exchange messages with users who have registered for an account. You can use it to communicate with teachers, students, and friends, and to check your understanding of online learning.

Main functions of messages

  • Exchange of messages within the organization

Features of the message function

Easy to communicate.

Message list screen

Support for multi-person interactions

Multiple people can write to a single conversation, so you can communicate with users without spending time and effort. Depending on how groups are registered and set up, it is also possible for students to communicate with each other or with teachers alone. The message box also sends a notification to the administrator's email address when a user replies to a message.

Allow Message Reply Screen

Can be used for notifications

Messages can also be sent unilaterally with "users can only view messages*" and can be used as announcements.
*Using this setting, users cannot reply to messages.

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