Authorization by CSV

This section explains the CSV batch registration of administrative privileges.
For more information about administrative privileges, click here.Administrative privileges..
Available forlearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher

How to register CSV batch of management authority

Log in to learningBOX as a user with administrative privileges and click on "Member Management".
Select "+" icon > "Batch Operation (CSV)" > "Member Registration/Update".

CSV batch registration-learningbox


Click on "Download.

learningbox-member registration and update


Open the downloaded file and enter your login ID, email address, password, etc.
Add administrative privileges [group management privileges, teaching material management privileges, grade management privileges, teaching material assignment privileges...etc.] to the user to whom the privileges are granted.
About ▼Format
*Authorization columns are not listed in the template. Please add the necessary authorization columns.

CSV batch registration-2.15-learningbox


The CSV format settings are registered differently for each authority and group.
▼Fill-in Rules

learningbox-authorization function


Conditions for using the authorization function

Can be used by any user who is authorized to grant permissions.
If the user is not authorized, the following error message is displayed.
"Please remove the permission columns from the CSV and upload it. Please remove the permission columns from the CSV and upload it."

Upload file

Again, from the "Member Management" screen, click the "+" icon and select "Batch Operation (CSV)" > "Member Registration/Update".

CSV batch registration-learningbox

Select the CSV file you have entered from "Select File".
After selecting the file, click "Execute upload and proceed to confirmation screen".

learningbox-member registration

Uploaded users are listed.
To send an invitation e-mail to the user, turn the "Send invitation e-mail" toggle to the far right On.
Finally, click on "Execute Registration" to complete.

CSV batch registration method for administrative privileges-learningbox