Main screen for management functions and settings

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In the "Management Functions and Settings" section, you can set the display settings for My Page, which is displayed after a member logs in, and post notices from the administrator. In addition, you can also configure security settings.
Management functions and settings can only be performed by accounts with administrator privileges.

Main features of management functions and settings

  • My Page Display Settings
  • Post and display notices
  • Security settings

Introduction of functions related to My Page

My page screen

My Page Display Settings

You can set to show/hide "Member Panel", "Performance Management", and "Operator's Notice" in My Page that members can see, and you can also set whether members can/can't edit their profiles.

Notification display screen

Post and display notices

It is possible to display "Notice from Administrator" on My Page. You can specify a specific group to display the "Notice" or notify members of the notice by e-mail.

Introduction of security-related functions

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

When you set up two-factor authentication, you will be required to enter a "login code" that will be sent to your registered address when you log in. Only members who can confirm the email can log in, which enhances security.

Access log display screen

Viewing the Access Log

From the access log page, you can check the access log of members who have logged in to learningBOX including "login time, name, display name, IP address, browser, OS". You can use this information to check for unauthorized access.

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