Page after sign-in settings

You can change a page after sign-in.
※"Learn contents" will change to "Select a course" in Ver. 2.17 or later.

Update History

From 2022.03.09 / Ver. 2.17, "Load the recommended environment settings" has been added.How to Use
From 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16, "Sign-in enabled device settings" has been added.How to Use

Page after sign-in settings

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01Click on Page after sign-in settings

Sign-in as an administrator or a member with a role of "Access to the setting page,"
And click on "Page after sign-in settings."

02Page after sign-in settings

Choose "Select from existing pages" or "Enter the URL."
Select a page from "My Page," "Select a course", "Progress record" and "Dashboard."

03Enter the URL

This function allows you to go to a specific page.

04Set an image

Click on the icon framed in red.
Enter a source of an image, and click on "OK."
*This time, as an exercise, we will set up the learningBOX logo.

05Welcome page

Activate "Show the welcome page."
Edit the title and content in the red frame below.

06Click on "Preview"

Check the welcome page you have set.

07Enable to re-submit

Welcome page is only displayed when you sign-in for the first time.
Activate "Enable to re-submit" to remain the welcome page on from the first sign-in downward.
You can set up a link from Dashboard. Design Customization Customers using the above can also set up a "Welcome Page" in the side menu.
※To set the side menu, click on Set up the side menu.

08Click on "Save"

Welcome page

01Sign-in as a member

Since this is a practice session, log in with the user 【sample-demo】, which you have prepared in advance.

02Welcome page will be displayed

Click on "Next," and the page will be what you set on "Page after sign-in settings."

enabled device settings

learningBOX - Confirmation of compatible terminals before taking examinations

You can set and check the OS, browser and version of the device used to take the exam online "PC, tablet or smartphone".

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01Click on Page after sign-in settings

From the "Side Menu" >> "System Settings" pull-down menu, click >> "Page after sign-in settings".

02Click on "Sign-in enabled device settings"

03Set the login enabled devices

Click here to "Load Recommended Environment settings".

04Click on "Load Recommended Environment.

Click OK button to set the recommended environment for learningBOX.

warning sign

Notes on configuring login-enabled devices

Note 1": the learningBOXRecommended SetupsIt is not possible to save from an OS that is not
Note 2: If the OS is not set to allow login in the list of supported devices, the message "This OS is not supported. is displayed for operating systems that do not have a login enable/disable setting in the list of supported devices.
Note 3: Owner login is not subject to the compatible device check.
Note 4": When specifying the latest version of macOS, specify 10.15 for system convenience. (*Number greater than 10.15 cannot be entered.)

05Select "Disable to sign in" or "Sign in after displaying the warning".

If you choose not to allow users to sign in, you can set the destination screen to either the screen displayed on the compatible device or to a screen with no link.

06Supported device display screen

Specify from "Top page, sign-in display, or set URL" from the pull-down menu.

07Add link

Similarly here, specify the link destination from the pull-down menu.

08Click Save

Enter the name of the button and the destination URL.
*If the name of the button is saved with no name entered, "Back" will be displayed.

09Set the toggle switch to enable

10List of Supported Devices

An alert will be displayed if you sign in with a device other than the configured supported device.

Download speed test and media check

Tests for "speed measurement and voice playback" of the Internet connection can be performed.
This feature can be set only for teaching materials.

01Configure the settings from the content management screen

Here is an example of a quiz.
When you have completed the material, click on the gear button > Supported Device Settings.

02Supported terminal settings

Set the template and click the Save button.

warning sign

How to set and edit the template

Clicking "New" will take you to the Create New Template screen.
Clicking "Edit" will take the page to the edit screen of the selected template.
Only "Owner/user with setting page access role" can create and edit the settings.

03Download Speed Test

Click Start Measuring.
Clicking "Cancel" will force termination.
The speed test will be conducted on the "Study Material" screen.

04We're going to run a voice test.

Click the Play button.
Click on "Hear/No Hear."

Supported devices setting templates

Click here for detailed settings of "Download Speed Test and Audio test".

The above settings can only be created and edited by "Owners and users with settings page access role".

01Click Learning Preferences>>Supported Device Configuration Template Management

Click the Gear button.

02Select "Download Speed Check / Audio test

Enter the description and setting values.

03Set "Not enable to learn" or "Enable to learn".

Finally, click "Save.
The media check is set in the same way.

How to check the result of compatible device check

01Click on the green icon

02Device information will be displayed.

This field is blank if you have not set the device confirmation when sign in.

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