About the interruption resume function

This option allows you to set the interrupt/resume function. You can interrupt the quiz in the middle and resume it from the middle.
-Enabled.when resuming.We'll pick up where we left off.counter for fruitI'll start over.You can select
-Effective only from the next page.If you specifyOnly "pick up where we left off.You can choose. You cannot start over from the beginning.

This option is only available if thenormal mode(Ignored in full strategy mode. (Ignored in full strategy mode.)

How to set up

Please login to learningBOX and click on Content Management.
Click the Menu button in Content Management -> (+ button) -> Test/Quiz -> "Create Test/Quiz".

How to set the interruption resume function

How to add options

Add and specify options in the question creation form.
First, to use this option, set the mode to"Normal mode.to be specified.
Then, from the optional additional items, click the red frame"Suspend and resume function.to add it.

How to add options


Type of resume function

Specifies the type of interruption resume function.
EffectiveWhen you restart the game, you can select "Start from the next" or "Start from the beginning".
Valid only from the continuation.You can only select "Restart from the beginning". You cannot start over from the beginning.

Type of resume function


For example, if you specify "Effective only from the continuation", it will be displayed like this when you resume.
Press the "Again" button to resume.
Specify "Effective only from next".

Other remarks

When the interruption function is used, and the time limit is specified, the remaining time after interruption is succeeded to the setting.


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