Submit a handwritten image

A new feature has been added to the [Quiz/Test] content management function.
A handwriting board appears in the form of a report/questionnaire, and learners can submit their own text and illustrations as learner's answers.
This page explains how to use the newly added handwritten image creation and submission functions.
Available forlearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher

How to use the handwriting image creation and submission function

From the Content Management screen, click the Plus button and select [Quiz/Test].

Handwriting quiz-learningBOX


Click "Edit".

Handwriting Quiz - Setting up the learningBOX


Select "Report / Questionnaire" from the list of question types.

learningBOX - How to make a handwriting quiz


Enter and set the [Question text], [Supplementary explanation], and [Marking system], and set the writing system to [Handwriting with pen].

Handwriting problems-learningBOX


If you set the scoring method to [Scored by administrator], you can use theNormal mode."is specified.

learningBOX-2.15 series


When you have finished the settings, click [Return to List] in the lower right corner.

Create a Handwriting Image Problem


Save and click the Publish button.

E-Learning - Handwriting Quiz


The quiz you created will look like this

handwriting problem


Handwriting input can be edited from five items: [Write], [Erase], [Back], [Forward], and [Erase All].