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In some cases, such as large-scale use for in-house training and content sales, or use for certification examinations, there are cases in which simultaneous and simultaneous access is used. In this case, you may be worried about server failure or access restriction due to overload. In addition, other companies' services may have a simultaneous access limit.

We would like to inform you about the number of simultaneous accesses in the learningBOX and the handling of simultaneous accesses at the same time.

maximum number of concurrent accesses

The learningBOX does not set a limit on the number of simultaneous accesses.

There are thousands to tens of thousands of customers using QuizGenerator, so you can rest assured that QuizGenerator is fully capable of handling simultaneous access and study of quiz questions created with QuizGenerator.


Simultaneous access (examinations, tests, etc.)

When using examinations, tests, etc.simultaneous accesswill occur.

In this case, if the shared server plan is 100 accounts, or simultaneous access of about 20% of the number of accounts contracted, without problems, you can use.

For large scale and constant use, thededicated serveris recommended. Please let us know your exam/test date in advance, and we will strengthen our server to handle it. Also, with the shared server plan, you cannot specify the system maintenance date, but with the dedicated server plan, you can choose the system maintenance date, so it will not overlap with the test date.

plan simultaneous access simultaneous access Maintenance date specification
Shared Server Plans GOOD! (up to 100 people) end mark
Dedicated Server Plans GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

Feel free to contact Us.

It is necessary to pay attention to the customer's network environment.

For example, if 100 people access the web at the same time in a classroom that uses a wireless LAN, the communication may not be stable. Please check your company's network environment in advance when you hold a group test.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

If you are using this service for examinationsherePlease also see the article on

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