How can you use e-learning to make the most of your learning?

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How can you use e-learning to make the most of your learning?

Hello, my name is Kataoka. I'm Kataoka, in charge of marketing.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that schools and businesses'Problems with newcomer training, employee training and coaching methods, poor academic performance, and study methods'We know that there are many people, regardless of industry, who are concerned about the training and education of students and young employees. We understand that many of you may be worried or anxious about where to start when you are assigned to training. This is a deep and common problem in education, regardless of industry. How can you improve learning and make training more effective and repeatable within a given time and cost constraint? In this paper.How to use e-learning for learningThis section explains the

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  • 1. e-Learning Methods
  • 2. What is LMS (Learning Management System)
  • 3. Case Studies
  • 4.QuizGenerator
  • 5.learningBOX (learning box)
  • 6. summary

How to learn using e-learning

To begin with, e-learning is a system that allows students to learn and study over the Internet using a PC or mobile device. e-learning can be used to reduce the amount of time, effort, and cost involved in renting a training facility or inviting an outside instructor to conduct training within a company. To begin with, what is e-learning?What is the purpose of the system?

Benefits of implementing e-learning
You can learn at your own pace.
The latest material can be provided uniformly to all learners
No time and place constraints.
Can be tailored to the individual's level of understanding, ability and goals
Audio and video to deepen learning comprehension.

With traditional learning methods, the instructor gives a lecture directly to the students at a specific place and time. In contrast, e-learning uses a network of PCs, tablets, smart phones and other devices to provide learning via a network.It is a learning style that allows students to receive an education anytime, anywhere, as often as they want.It is a system that combines IT information technology and is often used in the same way as "educational IT" and "web-learning/online-learning" because of its network-based learning. With the spread of the Internet and advances in information technology, it is attracting more and more attention, and companies, schools, and society as a whole are looking forward to its potential for ease of use and learning effectiveness.

What is an LMS (Learning Management System)

An LMS is a management system that integrates and manages the delivery of learning materials and grades necessary for the implementation of e-learning. In general, it has the following functions

Register, change and delete learners.
Registration of teaching materials and assignment of teaching materials to learners
Management of individual students' learning history, progress and grades
Statistical analysis function
Setting up a bulletin board for information sharers and sending emails to learners

case study

We used our learning environment to create and build an e-learning studyThe Case of a Vocational School TeacherWe will introduce you to the following.

A Case Study on Preparation for the National Examination for Speech-Language Pathologists
Speech-language pathologists work to rehabilitate people who have difficulty in speaking, listening, eating and swallowing due to illnesses or congenital disabilities by restoring their speech and hearing abilities. Most of these jobs are at three-year and four-year colleges and universities, and for those who have already completed the designated courses, there are two-year graduate programs, majors and vocational schools. Currently, 61 schools in Japan are training speech-language pathologists under the designation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Encounter with e-learning

As a teacher at a vocational school, I was responsible for preparing students for the national speech-language pathology exam in 2017. The medical field has a very large number of subjects with difficult words and content and a wide range of things to remember. When I was preparing for the national exam, I was very puzzled by the fact that there were not many materials and reference books available on the market that I could use.How can we effectively promote good study and learning practices and help students to pass their national exams?I spent my days questioning myself. With these thoughts in mind, I happened to see "eLearning Learning" on the internet. As I read through it, I arrived at...QuizGenerator is a free service for creating web-based learning materials.This was our first encounter with Tatsuno Information System, which offers

Before introduction

I have found an awesome looking learning method called e-learning learning, but can I successfully create, manage and update the material myself? I have no knowledge of computers, I am not good at operating them, and the word "IT" alone makes me feel defensive. I can't seem to take the new step. What if I fail? The more I think about it, the more I get worried. However, I feel sorry for the children who will be active in the society if they don't learn and study the way they did until now. As the information society advances, we teachers and schools must adopt study methods that meet the needs of the times. I decided that I had no choice but to be courageous.

After introduction

What has changed significantly since the introduction of e-learning learning isStudents are now more engaged and motivated to learn than ever before. Students who were once academically conservative have begun to work on problems on their own initiative and learn according to their goals and level.This has reduced my self-analysis skills and my difficulty with studying, and I now have more requests to do new problems and materials.

Unlike the traditional method of studying, e-learning allows you to solve problems at your own level in the time and place of your choice, without being restricted by time and place. I think this is because there is no need to worry about what others think, and each student can study freely. Since the time available for each student is limited, it was not possible to give appropriate guidance to those who needed it. I took advantage of this time.E-learning is a new way of learning that has changed the passive learning style and created autonomy for students.

Now, we would like to introduce you to our e-learning service that has created a sense of autonomy for those students.


Question screen of QuizGenerator


In QuizGeneratorAnyone can make quizzes for free and easily. Anyone can create quizzes in a wide variety of question formats, even if they don't know how to program.Easily created and published on the web! You can use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Almost all functions are available for free for commercial use. If you use the question creation form, you can make it up as easily as word. For advanced users, you can also register questions in Excel.

If you purchase a license, you'll get access to special features like design customization and voice-to-text functionality!

How to use QuizGenerator in detail


The Learning BOX allows you to use learning materials created in QuizGenerator more effectively. By using the Learning BOX, you canVideo materials can be delivered, tests and exercises can be distributed, the order of study can be controlled, and a certificate can be issued to those who pass the exercises and pass each material.You can reproduce real paper tests on the web. In addition to practice questions, the Learning BOX has many other useful features such as report assignments (file submissions) and questionnaire management. It is available for free, so please give it a try.

How to use the Learning BOX in detail


We've talked about how to use e-learning for learning. The way we learn and teach, which we have always taken for granted, is now in a period of change. The QuizGenerator and the Learning Box are designed to make e-learning easier, more efficient and more effective than ever before. You can use the e-learning program. Both are free to use, so please take this opportunity to try out the ease of use of eLearning learning.

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