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My name is Nishimura, I started making QuizGenerator in 2011. I know what SCORM is.

QuizGenerator is useful but also has limitations.
QuizGenerator is aSCORMWith SCORM-compliant e-learning materials, you can do various exercises, tests, and quizzes without thinking about SCORM, but still, there are limits. For more information about SCORM implementation, please refer toLet's make SCORM teaching materials.If you refer to theweb programmerIt is relatively easy to implement if you are a However, if you can do web design, but not programming, or if you can program a little, but don't want to learn SCORM, it's too much work. For those people, the SCORM Wrapper is a good choice.

The SCORM Wrapper makes it easy to create SCORM compliant materials.
I've never heard of the SCORM Wrapper. Of course not. It's just our development code, or rather, our internal system name is the SCORM Wrapper, and there's no mention of it in the learningBOX or on the documentation page. The reason why it's not mentioned is that the name SCORM Wrapper is not easily understood by customers for marketing reasons. From a developer's point of view, the SCORM Wrapper is a tool for wrapping web forms and making the SCORM API live, so it's nothing more than a SCORM Wrapper, but at the same time, we haven't been able to suggest a use for it beyond surveys.surveyI have been indulging as a In any case.The survey materials are stored in the SCORM Wrapperand that you can make it more than a survey.

What is the SCORM Wrapper?
The SCORM Wrapper is simply a dream tool to make your web forms SCORM ready, just by adding INPUT tags to your web forms. Schematically, the SCORM Wrapper analyzes the contents of a web form, finds the INPUT, SELECT, TEXTAREA tags, etc., and sends the results according to the SCORM standard.

Elements that the SCORM Wrapper is sending
The SCORM Wrapper will send the value of the following HTML elements with the name attribute, both inside and outside the FORM.

  • input[type=text].
  • input[type=number].
  • input[type=password].
  • input[type=date].
  • input[type=month].
  • input[type=email].
  • input[type=hidden].
  • input[type=radio].
  • input[type=check].
  • textarea
  • select

Sending grades by name attribute
Grades are sent according to the name attribute. For example, if you have a tag , then the value entered there will be sent as q1. In practice, the value of the name attribute is setValue to

Behavior when a special value is put in name
If you put a special value in name, it has a special meaning.

  • Names ending in _result
    If a name ending with _result is given, it is sent as the result of the item without _result.
    For example, if you have a field called answer1, where you want people to enter their answers, then the field called answer1_result will be treated as a result for answer1.
    The result can be set to "correct", "wrong", "unanticipated", "neutral", or "small number", corresponding to the SCORM element cmi.interactions.n.result. External site.List of SCORM1.2 Data Model ElementsThe number 48 is easy to understand.
  • __score__.
    The value representing the score. in SCORM1.2, the rule is to specify an integer from 0-100, but learningBOX accepts values greater than 100. Decimals are not allowed.
  • __lesson_status__.
    Indicates pass/fail and progress. Please set a suitable value from the following four values. If you do not set any value, "completed" will be sent.

    • incomplete: learning
    • completed: Learning is complete (default value)
    • Passed: Passed
    • failed: Failed
  • __duration__.
    Represents the learning time. If this element is not present, the value measured by SCORMWrapper will be sent. If you think that the time measured by SCORMWrapper is not accurate enough, pass the elapsed time in integer seconds to __duration__. SCORMWrapper automatically measures the time from the moment the material is loaded to the moment the grades are sent. If there is a start button in the material and you want to measure the exact time between pressing it and answering the last question, you can implement the time measurement function and put the result in __duration__ to record the exact value.
  • __suspend_data__.
    The __suspend_data__ element is used to save the value at the end of the training session and reuse it at the next load. In the coming update, all fields will be able to keep their values across sessions, but the data saving feature of __suspend_data__ and the data saving feature implemented for all fields will be exclusive. However, the data storage function of __suspend_data__ and the data storage function implemented in all fields will be able to be used exclusively. When __suspend_data__ is used, the storage function of other fields is not expected to be available.

submit button
The submit button should be . The id="submit" is very important, SCORMWrapper will recognize any button with this ID as a submit button.

Example of teaching material (1) - Secumane 50 questions
I made some questions for the Information Security Management Exam 2009. However, don't take my word for it too much, as it was written dirty with jQuery about two years ago already. Even though it's a dirty code, it's easy to make a SCORM-compliant 4-choice question with this much code, isn't it? All you have to do is put the choices in the radio of q001~q050, the right and wrong in the hidden fields of q001_result~q050_result, the score in __score__, and the pass/fail in __lesson_status__. The Wrapper will send the data according to the SCORM standard. Lines 30-34 contain the correct answers, and lines 15-18 contain the choices, but you can increase or decrease the number of items, or change the choices to If you change the number of items, or change the options to 1, 2, 3, etc., it should work correctly. Also, you may create other subjects in that way and use them in your company! (If there are enough requests, I'll make it so you can easily create them within learningBOX! (Personally, I'd like to make an improved version of this, so I'd be happy to receive feedback on how easy it would be to make materials like this)

Code (available on Gist)

learning screen
The learning screen looks like the following. Each radio button is given a name of q001 to q004, and a, b, c, and d are set to the value of a, b, c, and d, respectively. When the submit button is pressed, the submit() function is called to perform the grading, and then the grades are sent.

Result display screen
The result display screen looks like the following. The pass/fail and score are what we passed using the __lesson_status__ and __score__ fields respectively. The time required was sent automatically by SCORMWrapper. For each question, how it was answered, as well as the correct and incorrect answers, are also recorded.

Example of use in learningBOX
Three of the learningBOX materials - the questionnaire, the web page, and the bugbear - are actually built on top of SCORMWrapper.
This is the way SCORMWrapper was intended to be used from the beginning: SCORMWrapper makes it easy to create surveys. Sure, it's easier than implementing SCORM yourself. But it wasn't easy enough to make it easy for everyone, so we developed the survey creation form as a function to create web forms. By the way, when you download the questionnaire that you made in learningBOX, you will get a zip file, and there are two files in it, form.html and config.json. The former is the survey form itself, and the latter is the metadata that describes the structure of the survey form. With the latter data, you can re-edit the downloaded survey in learningBOX even after re-uploading it. Conversely, if you remove the config.json, learningBOX will not edit the form.html, so if you want to rewrite the form.html to make it look better, it is recommended to upload the form with the config.json removed.
-Web page
Web page type materials are implemented on SCORMWrapper. It appears that SCORMWrapper functionality is being used to send learning times and lesson_status.
Buggy notes are also implemented on SCORMWrapper. SCORMWrapper is used to send learning time and lesson_status. This is where Mr. M implemented it, but in writing this article, I checked the implementation part for the first time.

How to use the SCORM Wrapper
Currently, there is no SCORM Wrapper material item in learningBOX. If you've read this carefully, you may have noticed that you can use the SCORM Wrapper by uploading it as a survey material. If you click on the following link for the material we just introduced, you will see a zip file drop down, extract it, and upload the sg.html inside as a survey material!

Secumane's past question

upload location

I've written about the SCORM Wrapper, and the potential of the SCORM Wrapper is amazing. On the other hand, because we haven't communicated enough about the SCORM Wrapper and haven't proposed any uses for it, we can't say that its use has progressed sufficiently. We hope that this article has given you an idea of what the SCORM Wrapper is and what it can be used for.

It's a long story. I'll try to sum it up in one line...
SCORMWrapper is a system that allows you to create SCORM teaching materials just by writing a web form.

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