Create a Christmas quiz using e-learning.

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Create a Christmas quiz using e-learning.

It's been a while. I'm 🍎 Kitaoka, the marketing manager. The big event of December is coming soon." on the way!Fathers and mothers, you must be rushing around preparing Christmas gifts, right? In this article, I'm going to tell you about a quiz that you can take before Christmas.'Christmas 2019 is about to get a lot more interesting'Knowledge and information is presented through quizzes on our e-learning learning system (learningBOX). It's a very packed article with enough content to keep you talking about Christmas! We hope you enjoy this article as much as we do.

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  • 1. Review of Christmas
  • 2. Take the Christmas Quiz!
  • 3. Using the e-learning system
  • 4. summary

Christmas Review

What is Christmas all about? The word "Christmas" means"Christ, the Saviour.andMas (Mass).It is derived from theThe day we celebrate that Jesus Christ was born into this world about 2000 years ago is called "Christmas".

As the Christmas season approaches, you'll often hearMerry Christmas!We use it casually, but I think there are few people who know the meaning of the word and use it, don't you?

What is Merry Christmas?"I wish you a merry Christmas." This means that the omission ofMay you have a merry Christmas.It is an expression full of kindness with the hope that

Origin of Christmas colors

Red is the color that some Christians use to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ. Green is the color that symbolizes the holly, a Christmas staple and decoration. Belonging to the coniferous tree family, holly never withers, symbolizing eternal vitality. Incidentally, the same reason for holly may also be used to select the body of a Christmas tree. Christmas trees generally use evergreen coniferous trees as their lumber.

From ancient times, regardless of region or culture, colors are thought to have meaning, power, and wishes. In Japan, colors were used to represent status, and certain colors were used to ward off evil. In the same way, in Christianity, certain colors are associated with meanings and wishes.

Who is Santa Claus?

Origin of Santa Claus
A 4th century saint who lived in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), theSaint Nicholasis said to be the model.He was well known as a friend of the common people who performed various miracles (miracle workers) to help the unfortunate people. The legend that he threw a gold coin into the chimney of the house of a girl who was about to sell herself due to poverty and saved her family was later"The Original Santa Claus Story.It has been said that.

Where is Santa Claus from?
Is Santa Claus' home in Scandinavia or the North Pole? In the 1920s, a legend about Santa Claus was introduced to the United States, and his home was said to be the North Pole. In the 1920s, a legend about Santa Claus that was introduced to the United States suggested that his home was the North Pole, and he was thought to be in Finnish Lapland, located in the Arctic Circle. In 1927, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company declared Korvatunturi in eastern Lapland (known as the Ear Mountain because of its shape) to be the official home of Santa Claus.

Take our Christmas quiz!

Now that we've talked about all things Christmas, what do you think? Here, we've prepared a Christmas trivia quiz that you might benefit from knowing! Try it out and show off your knowledge to your friends and children!
In addition, using the quiz function of our e-learning system (learningBOX), even those who are not familiar with computer operation can create their own questions."Twelve different types of questions.You can make a quiz by choosing one of the followingstart button (e.g. in Windows)to solve the quiz.
Christmas Quiz

Click here to take our Christmas song quiz.

組み合わせ問題と穴埋め問題で構成しています ➡ ChristmasソングのクイズYou can check it from

For more information on how to create a quiz and the format of the questions, please refer to問題形式についてのページ.

If you're having trouble remembering so many things with just quizzes!
We have a learning tool that specializes in memorization! With our memorization cards, you can easily check what you want to remember on your phone! If your device is connected to the internetYou can study and review in your spare time at any time.
start button (e.g. in Windows)to actually operate the memorization card!

Features of memorization cards

Memorization cards are digital memorization tools that can be easily created by anyone with an internet connection and a computer. Even if you are not good at operating a computer, you can easily create and publish your own memorization cards on the web because the manual is easy to understand. You can also insert images into these memorization cards.
For detailed operation and settings of the memorized card, please refer to暗記カードの使い方ページPlease check the

With the e-learning system you can set it up as a course study

The memorization cards and quizzes I mentioned earlier were made into a course study using learningBOX.
Christmas Test

Click here to see the features of the learningBOX
▼ Memorization cards and quizzes can be set as course studies.
→You can design the course according to your preferred procedure. Learning materials are more than just memorization cards and quizzes."Worm-eating Notes."Report assignment."Survey function."YouTube VideoI'd also recommend something like that!
It is possible to set constraints on the course.
→directional marker or indicatorconstraintwill allow you to follow the procedure and if you do not reach the set passing score, you will not be able to proceed. The constraints are: "You can only move on if you have answered/viewed this part. or "You can only move on if you have passed this level. or "You can only proceed if you have passed this level.
▼ You can create the certification and training you want to create.
→You can create the memorization and exam questions you need according to the learner's level.
▼ Settings and design that are easy to understand even for first-time users
→No complicated operations or settings, just click, drag and drop to create and manage content.

A great way to use your learningBOX in the coming months!

After December, high school entrance exams and university entrance exams are waiting for you.For school teachers and cram school/prep school operators!Let's make eLearning learning available to our learners, so that they can make the most of their free time and travel time, in addition to their study time at school! Of course, students who are looking at this article, please try to use it! And tell your school teachers and cram school teachers about it!


We recommend memorization cards and insect-eating notebooks for preparation and review of English vocabulary. Quizzes are recommended for checking understanding. We also have an audio read-out function that you can easily create, so you can also handle listening questions. English listening questionsClick here for samples
One of the features of learningBOX is that it also allows learners to create their own memorization and exam strategies that they need, depending on the administrator's settings.


In this article, we have introduced a Christmas quiz using our e-learning system. Anyone can easily create their own original questions, and learningBOX is a free service for up to 10 registered accounts and is available indefinitely.

We can't give you toys or gaming devices like Santa Claus. However, we can help and support you in learning how to prepare for exams and national exams. I urge you to give it a try, and experience what it's like to use it! Thank you for reading this paper as well.

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