Bringing the learningBOX to the world! Introducing AWS Global Accelerator

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Hello! This is Motoki, the marketing guy🍠. It's getting a little hot and humid these days.
There is a release of learningBOX version 2.11 that we have not introduced yet, so we would like to introduce it in this article.


  • 1.learningBOX is faster
  • 2. How fast does it actually go?
  • 3. summary


The learningBOX is faster.

Starting with version 2.11 of learningBOX, theSystem performance has been improved and is now fasterThe site is faster. (In a nutshell, the site is now faster.)

This is because, from this version up, the"AWS Global Accelerator.We have introduced the This "AWS Global Accelerator" is aOne of AWS's services to improve application availability and performance.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because of the slow response time when you are browsing the internet or using a service that you use casually? I also feel better using a fast site than a slow site when I'm using or browsing the internet.

In addition, English support for learningBOX has been released from this Ver. 2.11, and we expect that the number of opportunities for overseas customers to use the system will increase in the future. As a system that can respond well to access from overseas, we have used "AWS Global Accelerator" to make the system more comfortable for everyone around the world.

As the operator of learningBOX, an LMS (Learning Management System), we also believe that improving the performance of the system and making it more comfortable for our customers around the world is very important for us to develop our services.

That's why we introduced AWS Global Accelerator, a network service that improves availability and performance by placing it in the first stage of components that provide applications, such as ALB, NLB, and EC2.


How much faster can it actually be?

So how much faster can you really get with AWS Global Accelerator?
It is available on the AWS website."AWS Global Accelerator Speed ComparisonI'll check it out in

learningBOX AWS Global Accelerator
Source.AWS Global Accelerator Speed Comparison than

If you choose the file size on this page and push the "Start" button, the measurement will be performed sequentially for each region, and the results will be displayed respectively.

learningBOX AWS Global Accelerator

The data compares the time required to download files from ALBs in each region using "direct from the Internet" and "using AWS Global Accelerator".

learningBOX AWS Global Accelerator

As you can see, the time required is shorter when you use AWS Global Accelerator.



There are other benefits to implementing the AWS Global Accelerator, thoughWe hope that by improving the speed of response, which is one of the elements of the system's ease of use, everyone around the world will be able to use learningBOX more comfortably.

Please keep in mind that the response time of the site depends on the network quality of the client side.

In addition.In this 2.11 version update, many functions have been added including "Certification", "English localization support", "About BtoB sales of EC function", "Renewal of order screen" and other improvements to existing functions.Please check the contents of the release.

▼learningBOX has been upgraded to version 2.11

In the future, we will continue to listen to the voices of our customers and work to improve the functionality of the site to make it more useful for our customers. Thank you for your continued support of learningBOX.

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