Use learningBOX for the Information Technology Engineers Examination!


Use learningBOX for the Information Technology Engineers Examination!

Hi this is Monda from development team.
In the IT industry in Japan, the Information Technology Engineer Examination is a popular certification, In this article, I discuss an use of learningBOX to obtain for the exam.
We recommend our employees to take the Information Technology Engineers Examination, and our development team members are working hard to get the certification.
In this article, I’d like to discuss countermeasures for the “Information Technology Engineers Examination”
You are all so busy every day and hard to find the time to study, aren’t you?
I think there are many people who are wondering if there is a way to advance their studies efficiently as much as possible.
That’s where you should definitely take advantage of our e-learning system “learningBOX”

In this article, we would like to discuss how to prepare for the “Information Technology Engineers Examination” by using learningBOX.

Table of contents

  • 1. What is the Information Technology Engineers Examination
  • 2. Let’s take a look at its questions
  • 3. Use learningBOX to prepare for the exam!
  • 4. Summary

What is the Information Technology Engineers Examination?

The Information Technology Engineers Examination is one of the National Examination for IT technicians, which is conducted by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry based on “Article 29, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Promotion of Information Processing”. The examination outline of the IPA states that those eligible examinees are “those who have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become highly skilled IT personnel and have acquired the ability to use them practically”.

There is no special requirement for the exam. Anyone can take it.
The average age of the examinee is 25.8 years old, which is lower than the average age of other examination.
The exam consists of 2 parts where knowledge based test in the morning and skill assessment is in the afternoon.
The pass rate is a whopping 25.7% .
Looking at these numbers alone, it is clear that the exam is not easy.

(Reference: Information Technology Engineers Examination – – IPA)

In short…
It tests basic knowledge and skills that you should know if you work in IT and web industry.
You can take the exam twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

*The spring exam in 2020 has been cancelled from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus
(Reference: New coronavirus outbreak cancelled April 2020, rescheduled exam is “not decided yet”)

Let’s take a look at questions on the exam

Let’s take a look at questions on the Information Technology Engineers Examination.
The Information Technology Engineers Examination is divided into morning and afternoon sections, and we will introduce the questions for the morning section.

The morning session
Basic theory (basic theory, algorithms and programming)
Computer systems (computer components, system components, software and hardware)
Technology elements (human interface, multimedia, database, network, etc.)
Development technology (system development technology, software development management technology)
Project management (project management)
Service management (service management and system audit)
System strategy (system strategy and system planning)
Management strategy (management strategy management, technology strategy management, business industry)
Corporations and legal affairs (business activities, legal)
(Reference:IPA test outline )

Look at the past question

The following question is included in the Fundamental Information Technology Engineer’s Examination.

Question 2: Which operation inverts all the bits of an 8-bit value?

A: Make an exclusive OR with a string of bits in hexadecimal notation 00.
b: Make a logical oracle with the bit sequence in hexadecimal notation 00.
c: Make an EXCLUSIVE OR with the bit sequence of FF in hexadecimal notation.
d: Take a logical oracle with the bit sequence of FF in hexadecimal notation.

What do you think? Do you know the answer right away? This question is about logical operations.
(The correct answer is c)
If you have never seen this question before, it is likely to make you “I don’t understand the question being asked” or “I have no idea what you are talking about” As you can see, the range of questions on the Information Technology Engineers Examination is very broad and requires a wide range of knowledge.

Use learningBOX to prepare for the exam!

Many people study with a textbook for the exam and solve past questions.
However, there are many obstacles with this method, such as technical terms that are difficult to memorize and areas you are weak in that take time to understand. This is when you need to make use of learningBOX!

learningBOX feature for content management

In this topic, we would like to introduce carefully selected functions that are recommended for national exam preparation.

▼Easy to create learning materials that focus on route memory! Please click on each image if you have difficulty seeing it.
Click on each image to enlarge it!

You can easily create and study memorization cards on the web.
CardGenerator is a system that allows anyone to easily create memorization cards on the web from text files.
You can easily create the cards from text files.
You can check which cards you have memorized and how much you have accomplished by using CardGenerator.
Please check here You can read more about it with images.

You can easily create and study your Show/Hide Notebook on the web.

Show/Hide notes can easily create route memory questions in sentence form.
Also, you can check off the checkboxes of the questions you have memorized by showing the rate of accomplishment.
You can use it as a memorization tool before exams.
If your text is long, we recommend you to use Show/Hide Notebook.
For more information about Show/Hide Notebook, please visit here.

▼ Once you’ve studied from the study materials, create a test to check the knowledge you’ve learned.
You can create more than 12 types of quiz format on LearningBOX such as “Fill-in-the-blank, matching, pull-down, and multiple choice questions”.
Options, such as time limits and randomizing choices, allows you to create questions similar to the real exam settings.
You can check a list of Options.
In this article, we have introduced memorization cards, Show/Hide Notebook, and quiz functions that are often used to prepare for national exams, here.


With lerningBOX, you can prepare for the national exam.
Even if the scope of the exam is broad and the pass rate is low and difficult.
There is a lot of content for memorizing and reviewing the knowledge required for the national exam.
It takes a lot of time to create questions for the entire range of the exam, but if you focus on only the areas you are weak in, you you may not be able to pass the exam.
Repeatedly solving the questions will help you to overcome your weaknesses.
LearningBOX can also be used and applied to prepare for exams other than the Information Technology Engineer Examination.
LearningBOX is for free up to 10 accounts, including an admin user as the Free plan.
You can create your own original question set to overcome your weaknesses by referring to this article.



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