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Hello! This is Nakanishi from Human Resources.
This will be my first blog post since joining the company.
Nice to meet you! And we hope you'll stay with us until the end.

As a matter of fact, I worked in human resources before, and in the course of my job, I implemented all kinds of measures to increase applications from job seekers.
This time, based on my experience, I'd like to share with you some tips from a "human resources" perspective, from recruiting to hiring, and before and after the hiring process.Benefits of using e-learning to implement online testing and trainingWe will talk about the following. If you're in charge of human resources and education, please read this, so you can implement hiring and training practices that will contribute to your company's growth! Please stay with us until the end!

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  • 1. what are the tips for recruiting jobs efficiently?
  • 2. why don't you use the online test for recruitment?
  • 3. provide "good education" through e-learning after hiring.
  • 4. summary

What are some tips for recruiting jobs efficiently?

It's a good thing I advertised in the job media."I'm not getting any applications." "It's too expensive.Do you have your head in the sand?
(I've had my head in the sand like this too.)
I don't know about e-learning yet.

It was a trial-and-error process to figure out how to get the best people to apply.
So, I'd like to share with you a few tips I've learned from working on this project.


Create a job ad title with enough words to read in 5 seconds.

First, review your job ad to make sure it has an appealing title that will catch the eye of job seekers.
I just did some research with a rep from a job site.The amount of time a job seeker spends looking at the title of a single job ad is about 5 seconds at mostThis is what I found out.
And.The number of words you can read in 5 seconds is about 30 at the most.I also found out that

In other words.It's not too simple, and it's never good to cram too much information in.That's what I mean.
One of the best ways to do this is to team up with a good copywriter or an outside expert (e.g. copywriter).


Make your keywords attractive to job seekers.

When writing a job ad, you can't help but use keywords that you want to make a good impression on your company.
However, if the job seeker thinks, "Is that true? then it's not only meaningless, but it also creates a negative impression.

So, the trick to lining up the keywords that will get your attention is to...

Keywords of the talent you want + Words you will accept + Job description

Yes, sir!

If you like games + science and maths, this is a must + a development job at a game app production company.
I like fishing." + "I can make use of my hobby." + "Sales job at a fishing tackle manufacturer.

I urge you to imagine what kind of person might apply for a job with your company, and then create a tagline that sticks in a job seeker's heart!
(Let's try to find a catch.)
Find your catchphrase


Would you like to adopt online testing for your recruitment?

When it comes to recruiting, there are other things you need to consider, such as the cost of recruitment media and techniques to ensure your job ad ranks high in search results, but that's all for now!
From here, we will discuss how to bring applicants to the hiring process, as well as the pre- and post-hiring process.Introduction and use of e-learningI would like to talk about the

First."Online test.About.
Why don't you adopt online examinations using e-learning for your recruitment tests for efficient talent acquisition?

Online exams with e-learning


Benefits of Conducting Tests and Examinations

A test/examination is recommended when there are a large number of applicants and you need to narrow down the field before the interview, or when the test will measure the skills and abilities required for the job.
(Of course, there may be cases where the applicant's existing qualifications make it unnecessary to narrow down the search.


Advantages of administering the test online (CBT)

Above all,Online Certification Test (CBT)What is it? Here is an explanation for those who are wondering.
CBT stands for Computer Based Testing. Computer Based TestingThe term "test-taking" refers to the process of taking a test. The advantage of taking the test by computer, instead of using paper questionnaires or mark sheets, is that the time and cost required for grading and notification of grades and results can be greatly reduced. Also, because the test is taken by computer, questions with audio and video can be used.

Also, if you have an internet connection...Applicants can take the online test from home.You can also take the test at home. The ability to take the test at home means that you don't have to set up a test date, time, or test site.Job seekers can take the exam at their own timing and place..

It reduces the burden of asking applicants to come all the way to the company to take a 30-minute test. This is a very important point in this corona disaster. Also.By having them take the test before the interview, both parties can streamline their time when they come to the office for the actual interview afterwards!.


With online tests, is it safe to cheat?

When conducting online testing, the company is concerned aboutcheating risk
But.By utilizing the question creation function of the e-learning system and devising the time limit, the number of questions, and the content of the questions, you can easily avoid the risk of cheating without having to go to the trouble of using costly anti-cheating tools such as dedicated online test cameras.(By the way, our learningBOX is the only one that has such a useful question creation function!

Online exams with e-learning

As for online tests, we are conducting online examinations using the EC function of our e-learning system learningBOX.Case study of "The Art Certification Institute of JapanPlease take a look at Although the content is an "online test," it contains a lot of information that is very helpful for HR professionals as well!

Online Exam at Home for the New Normal Society! (Japan Art Examiners Association)


After hiring, let's provide "good education" through e-learning.

After the hiring process, we will work with you to make sure that the people you have hired become your company's human resources (← is that an old expression?). ofLet's provide "good education" through e-learning..
Incidentally, in our company, we create and provide learningBOX accounts for unofficial employees before they join the company, so that they can receive online training through e-learning before they join.

Training before the job offer is made."You can take it at any time and any place you want."Don't you think that's incredibly convenient?
Additionally.With an e-learning system, the company can easily check online to see how far the candidate has progressed before joining the company..

You can see how our company actually implements this here!

Tatsuno Information System Internal Use Cases CS Introduction Support



In this article, I wrote from a "human resources" perspective about tips for recruiting and hiring job candidates, as well as online testing and online training using e-learning before and after the hiring process.

If you are in charge of human resources and education, why don't you introduce an e-learning system and create a system that can make your recruitment and training more efficient and effective? If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, the learningBOX provides you with the opportunity to actually use theFree Planis available for your convenience. After registering for an administrator account, you can take sample exam questions and training courses. For more information, please try the sample courses on the learning screen after registering for the free plan.

The image of "e-learning" will change.
Start using it for free

Thank you very much for reading to the end. We look forward to working with you again in the next issue.

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