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Shortcut to online training! Medical campaign for those in the medical industry

(Head Office: Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Yoichiro Nishimura), a developer of e-learning systems, is holding a seminar for those working in the medical field in response to the spread of the new coronavirus."Medical Campaign.We will start

For healthcare professionals who struggle with risk every dayMedical Campaign" to express our gratitude and supportWe will implement the
This campaign is for 200 people on the Standard Plan, which is normally paid for."Up to two months free.This project is available at

With the recession caused by the spread of the new coronavirusMany healthcare industries are facing an urgent need to review their fixed costs and expenses in order to continue their business.
In light of this situation, it is highly likely that costs related to the training and education of human resources will also be the subject of cost reviews in the future.
With learningBOX, you can smoothly replace your existing in-hospital training with online training.

Impact of the spread of new coronavirus infection on the medical industry

Serious deterioration in hospital management due to the new coronas; 28% of hospitals made the difficult choice of reducing or not paying bonuses
Source.Hospital management worsens in the wake of new coronas; 28% of hospitals make the difficult choice of reducing or not paying bonuses - The Japan Health Lawyers' Association, All Japan Health Lawyers' Association, and Medical Lawyers' Association
As the number of patients suffering from the new coronavirus infection continues to surge once again, the management of hospitals across the country that accept patients is deteriorating.
Source.The collapse of healthcare is just around the corner, can the hospital management crisis be saved?
Training of New Nursing Staff Using Online Teaching Materials and Proficiency and Retention of Nursing Skills
Source.Training for New Nurses at Corona Damages
As online lectures at universities spread to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, medical students who are preparing to advance to higher education or take the national examinations are becoming increasingly anxious.
Source.Medical students in a hurry, unable to do clinical training due to the corona disaster, 'worried about the future'|The Nihon Keizai Shimbun


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  • 1. medical campaign
  • 2. the benefits of in-hospital training to online training
  • 3. learningBOX is an LMS that focuses on ease of use and low cost.
  • 4. summary


About Medical Campaign

Our company will carry out the "Medical Campaign" to express our gratitude and support for the medical professionals who are struggling with the risk of the new coronavirus infection, which is a threat that mankind has never experienced before.

Campaign Features

1. 2 months free for the most popular "Standard Plan 200"!
2. 200 free user accounts
3. Customers can try learningBOX with no risk!
You will not be charged any money. You can check how it works for free!

If you are interested, please visit the project page from the banner below.
Medical Campaign


Benefits of moving from group training to online training

In the extremely busy medical industry, it is no longer practical for all parties involved to coordinate their schedules and meet.
In addition, the face-to-face group training style is risky because of the so-called three dense conditions.
If you are a medical professional who is concerned that conducting training is a must but cannot find the best way to do it!
⇒learningBOX allows you to replace group training with online training smoothly.

Recruitment and training of human resources at Corona Perfection

Many hospitals have been forced to close one of their wards due to a shortage of nurses and medical staff.
Securing excellent human resources is an important management issue for all hospitals and the medical industry.

▼ Benefits to Online Training
Hospitals that are able to invest sufficiently in securing and training human resources are able to create a positive cycle that leads to improved quality of care and improved management.
Staff members are highly motivated and have a strong sense of growth, resulting in a low turnover rate and attracting talented people who hear about our reputation.
By allocating the right number of employees to the necessary departments, the workload is not excessive and the work environment is maintained in good condition.
You can expect to see a decrease in patient complaints and incidents.
The ability to provide high quality medical care will positively affect management by increasing the unit price of medical treatment and increasing the number of patients.


The medical corporation Ichiyo-kai Sayo Kyoritsu Hospital who actually introduced the learningBOX.


In addition to specialized training such as medical safety training, infectious disease control training, and NST training, we also provide a wide variety of training, including training in hospital operation and management, training to share future plans, and general education training that should be acquired as a member of society.

Due to the large number of staff and complex working patterns, it was practically difficult for all staff to participate in the group training.
The e-learning training allows staff to adjust their own schedules and study as needed, so they can control the balance between work and study with independence.

The administrator can now check the understanding of the training and provide detailed support using the test and report submission functions as well as the course history, enabling enhanced training results and the centralized management of smart information. In addition, we will continue to digitize existing materials, and in the future we hope to create our own curriculum.

The use of the learningBOX provides staff with efficient and quality learning opportunities.
Our goal is to return the learning we gain from this experience to the people of the community in the form of high-quality medical services.

learningBOX is an LMS that focuses on ease of use and low cost.

learningBOX is a learning management system (LMS) that covers all functions such as creating teaching materials, creating questions and tests, grading, and managing grades, etc. It is a learning management system (LMS) that can create e-learning materials with a focus on price and ease of use. It features a reasonable price plan (free for up to 10 users, from 30,000 yen per year for 100 users), specifications that can be operated intuitively even without specialized knowledge, and a design that is easy to use for both administrators and learners.

Online Classes - E-Learning
In creating the learning materials needed for online training, the materials and exams that are conducted in the hospital can also be conducted on the Internet. In addition to that, the notice information, materials, and prints distributed in the department can also be published in the system and the files can be downloaded by the learners.

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The design allows you to learn the functions and settings by touching them without having to read the manual over and over again.
All you need is a PC and an internet connection to get started with this e-learning system!
The contents that can be created with learningBOX are as followsMore than 15 types.
You can also set a limit to the number of times you can take a class.
Using the quiz function, you can create and publish authentic exam questions on the web.
-message box functionallows group members to communicate in a chat-like environment!
Almost all functions.Free Planand you can try it out indefinitely.


With the report function, you can submit your assignments on the web!

Online Classes - Report SubmissionReport Assignments

learningBOX is an LMS that can be operated intuitively even by people without high IT literacy.

Tatsuno Information System's LMS (Learning Management System), "learningBOX", is designed from the user's perspective, not the developer's perspective.
It is also known for its ease of use, allowing even those who are not good at operating computers to intuitively touch and learn the operation.

In addition, we listen to the requests of customers who actually use learningBOX, and develop new functions and modifications of existing functions on a daily basis. Compared to other companies, there is no other company that upgrades its functions as frequently as we do.

Our e-learning system is not just an LMS with a focus on price. It is an e-learning system that can be operated with ease even by first-time users, and provides the learning environment necessary for in-hospital training, education, and the growth and development of your hospital.


In this article, we introduced the Medical Campaign, which is aimed at everyone who works in the medical field.
This plan allows you to use 200 standard users, which is normally charged, for free for up to two months.
learningBOX is an LMS that can be operated intuitively even by people without high IT literacy.

Our e-learning system is not just an LMS focused on price. It is an e-learning system that is easy to use, even for first-time users, and provides the learning environment necessary for internal training, education, and corporate growth.

Take advantage of this medical campaign to reduce the risk of group training and realize effective in-house training and human resource development.

Kaonavi×learningBOX collaboration memorial campaign is underway!
Try learningBOX now for free!

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