A study method that gets you results in less time! E-learning is the best way to prepare for the exam

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A study method that gets you results in less time! E-learning is the best way to prepare for the exam

E-learning for exam preparation

My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing.
This article is for those who are studying for exams, such as school tests or certification exams, and are wondering if their study methods are correct or not, or for those who are struggling to reach a passing score.

In this paper, we also explain the concept of learning methods, which is a key point when proceeding with learning, and the mechanism of memory, which is closely related to remembering things.

With our e-learning system, learningBOX, you can easily create "learning that meets your purpose and goal" on the web according to the scene of use.

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  • 1. What is the learning method using e-learning?
  • 2. Effective learning methods based on the brain's memory mechanism
  • 3. learningBOX's test creation function is recommended for memory retention.
  • 4. Summary


How to learn using e-learning?


E-learning is a method of learning and training through the Internet using computers and other digital devices.
By using e-learning, it is possible to effectively utilize "travel time and gap time" outside of school class time.

Features of e-learning

In recent years, with the spread of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, many learning applications have been developed.
However, it is difficult for all learning apps to be used directly as learning materials in schools, and many educators may have lost their minds.
Unlike learning apps, e-learning allows students to "create and edit" their own learning materials and exam questions, and collect detailed performance information and data on each individual student.

With the widespread use of the Internet and advances in information technology, companies, schools, and society as a whole are looking to its potential for ease of use and learning effectiveness.

E-learning learning progressing rapidly in the wake of the new coronavirus

Conventional learning methods involve "person-to-person education" in which students are bound to a specific place and time, and instructors give direct lectures.
On the other hand, e-learning is a form of learning that can be used on PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices via a network."Educate yourself anytime, anywhere, as often as you like.It is a learning style that realizes the
It is a system that combines IT information technology, and is used as the same meaning as "educational IT" and "web learning/online learning" because it is learning through a network.

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Effective learning methods based on the brain's memory mechanism

Memory mechanism of the brain
Our brains store information in two places: the hippocampus, which stores memories temporarily, and the cerebral cortex, which stores information for the long term and can be used when necessary.
Once newly learned information is stored in the hippocampus, only what is deemed necessary is sent to the cerebral cortex.

Information that comes in through the eyes, ears, and other sense organs is stored deep in the brain."Hippocampus.but most of them disappear.
Because the brain is constantly bombarded with a large amount of information, it is necessary to discern the value and priority of the information and make a selection.

Three processes essential to the process of memory

There are three processes in the process of memoryIt's divided into three stages: remembering, retaining and recalling.It is possible to
Memorization is the process of converting information from external stimuli into meaning and capturing it as memory, retention is the process of storing what has been memorized, and recall is the process of outputting the stored memory after a certain period of time.

If we look at memory in terms of the flow of time, there are three processes: remembering, storing, and recalling.

storage circuit


Effective learning methods derived from Ebbinghaus' forgetting curve

Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve is a curve that describes a person's memory, mainly long-term memory."Savings rate.This is a curve that represents the degree of
This is a graph that shows how much of what you have memorized remains in your mind over time.

The percentage of time saved is the amount of time it takes to fully memorize the content again.

Efficient learning method derived from Ebbinghaus' forgetting curve

Hypotheses and findings derived from Ebbinghaus' forgetting curve

Key points from the experiment

The more time that passes, the longer it takes for people to recall, and relearning early on reduces the time and burden of recall.
In addition, it is believed that the storage period of potential memories is about 30 days, and it is important to review them during that time.
In order to remember, it is also important to repeat the same content over and over again. Furthermore, in order to increase the chances of recall, an output-oriented learning method is effective.

Repetition is effective for memory retention.

As you can see from the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, memories are forgotten over time, and most of what we remember disappears in our unconscious.

One of the most important aspects of memory retention is the timing of the review.
People often say "review before you forget", but it is actually a big mistake, review is meaningless if you don't do it when you forget.
This is because memories are more likely to stick when you are trying hard to remember them.

There is data that shows that memory is more likely to be retained in brain circuits when output is repeated rather than input.
This hypothesis is supported by an experiment conducted by Dr. Karpick at the University of Washington.
▼ The experiment conducted by Dr. Karpick is explained in detail in this article.


We recommend learningBOX's test creation function for memory retention!

learningBOX-Test function

Testing is good for memory retention, but administering the test each time can be a daunting task.
If that's the case, I urge you to use our e-learning program to create your test!

The learningBOX allows anyone to easily create the tests needed for output on the web.
It is easy to make, and you can set the question text, answer and explanation according to the special form.

About the test creation function

Using the test creation function, you can easily set the number of times a student can take a test and the date and time that the test will be released. You can also display or hide the performance information of students during the test according to your usage scenarios.

▼ For more information on how to use it, please check this article.
About the test creation function

learningBOX is an LMS that makes it easy for anyone to start e-learning

Our e-learning system (learningBOX) can be used by anyone from individuals to companies to start using e-learning for free.
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E-Learning - Exam Preparation

You can learn more about how to use the learningBOX in this article.
Things you can do with learningBOX

For more examples of using the learningBOX, please see this article.



In this article, we have introduced the learning method and how to use e-learning.
With our e-learning system, learningBOX, you can easily create "learning that meets your purpose and goal" on the web according to the scene of use.

The learningBOX is also available as a free plan for an unlimited period of time.
If you are in charge of e-learning, please take this opportunity to try our learningBOX.

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