[2021 Preliminary Report] Corona Damages Accelerate Corporate Initiatives for DX


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[2021 Preliminary Report] Corona Damages Accelerate Corporate Initiatives for DX

I'm Kidaoka, in charge of marketing!
These days, on the internet and on TV."DX (Digital Transformation)It is becoming more and more common to see the words

Many people may have a vague idea of the concept of DX, but may find it difficult to explain it in words.
What is the difference from conventional IT utilization? Why is DX being promoted in Japan? I'm sure many of you are wondering.
With the spread of the new coronavirus around the world, many companies around the world have made rapid progress in improving and reviewing the efficiency of their operations through the introduction and use of information technology.
In Japan, many companies are advocating the promotion of DX.
So, in this article, we'll give you an overview of DX, which is attracting a lot of attention right now, as well as the "advantages and disadvantages" and other points you need to be aware of in order to move forward with DX.


  • 1. companies are now paying attention to DX (Digital Transformation)
  • 2. 2025 cliff
  • 3. Advantages for companies to adopt DX
  • 4. "learningBOX," the optimal human resources training tool for the DX era
  • 5. Summary


Companies are now paying attention to DX (Digital Transformation)

About Digital Transformation

What is DX?Digital Transformation.The term "IT" is used to describe the use of IT information technology to transform people's lives for the better.
DX is a business term used by companies responding to changes in the digital society as a radical initiative to transform their business models and operations by operating digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data.
To briefly explain this term, it is a concept of "creating new values in existing business processes and business models.
In recent years, the definition of the word DX has"Using the latest digital technology to transform the enterprise for the digital age.It is widely used to mean.

The beginning of DX

In 2004, Professor Eric Strterman of Umeå University in Sweden proposed that "the penetration of IT will change people's lives for the better in every aspect.
The term "DX" became popular in Japan in the late 2010s.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's guidelines define DX as follows

▼ According to the "DX Promotion Guidelines Ver. 1.0 (December, 2008)" published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (hereafter, METI), DX is defined as follows

The report proposes that "companies must respond to the rapid changes in the business environment and use data and digital technology to transform their products, services, and business models based on the needs of customers and society, as well as to transform their operations themselves, organizations, processes, and corporate culture and climate, in order to establish a competitive advantage.

This is the definition in the "Guidelines for Promoting Digital Transformation (DX Promotion Guidelines)".

In order to achieve DX, we must firstDigitization and Digitization.It is a prerequisite that the progress of the

What is Digitization?

Digitization is the process of improving efficiency by digitizing some of the business processes that we currently perform on a daily basis.
It is described as the use of information technology to improve the efficiency, streamline, and add value to business operations.
It is to make it possible to handle analog things as digital information, for example, to make operations that have been carried out with paper and a stamp go paperless.

What is Digitalization?

It is about creating new business value and customer experience by transforming your business model through the use of digital technology.
Therefore, digitalization mainly refers to "digitization" itself.
The movement of "digitization of business" that a company undertakes can be seen as digitalization, and when there is a movement in which the digitization of business undertaken by a company has an impact on society as a whole, it is defined as DX.
*Generally, digitization is seen as the next phase of digitization

The Relationship Between Digitization and Digitization

Digitization can be broadly classified into two categories: digitization and digitization.
I think these two are easy to understand if you think of DX as a goal and one of the stages leading up to it.

There is a big difference between the two terms - local and global digitization - but the underlying ideas and goals are the same.

The difference between digitization and digitalization is explained in detail in this article.


Cliffs in 2025

The Problem of 2025
The 2025 cliff refers to the economic losses estimated to occur if DX is not realized, not only in 2025 but also beyond.

As existing IT systems used in business become "old, bloated, and complex," it becomes difficult to apply them with a business model that matches the times.
As a result, there are concerns that this will reduce the competitiveness of companies and cause significant economic losses.

Around the year 2025, a number of changes related to IT information systems are expected to occur.
According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), companies are losing out to global digital competition, and warn that the cost of maintaining and managing systems will soar even higher, resulting in huge losses of up to 12 trillion yen every year due to cyber security and losses from accidents and disasters.

DX for tips on how to get over the 2025 cliff.

DX has been advocated as necessary for Japanese companies to overcome the "2025 cliff.
DX is a digital innovation that uses digital technology to transform business processes and business models, and beyond that, to create new business models and growth models.

Benefits of DX for Enterprises

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Although there is a growing awareness of the need for DX in Japanese companies today, many companies are still searching for a specific direction on how to transform.

The benefits of implementing DX are not limited to reducing costs and improving productivity in your business.
By transforming the business model itself, companies gain a competitive edge and have a better chance of surviving in business.

Advantage 1: Increased business productivity

By implementing DX, you can improve the productivity of your business, and as a result, you can expect to increase the profitability of your business. According to the law of diminishing returns, doubling the scale of production improves production efficiency and doubles production volume.

Advantage 2: It leads to business that responds to changes in consumer behavior.

In today's world, it is essential to respond to DX in order to develop products that sell.
Big data and communication technologies such as AI and 5G used in DX will have a major impact on consumer behavior. In order to respond to these times and consumer behavior, products that are compatible with DX will naturally be needed in the future.

If you can prepare a new service that meets customer demand, your business could expand quickly.
Another advantage of working with DX is that it enables businesses to respond to changes in consumer behavior.

Merit 3: It leads to the enhancement of BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Despite the impact of the new coronavirus, there were companies that increased profits by putting their business continuity plans (BCPs) into action, and the Nikkei Shimbun reported that "whether or not a company was working on DX made the difference between success and failure.

For example, furniture seller Nitori and McDonald's Japan are posting their highest profits during the Corona disaster by strengthening their online sales systems.
In addition, Walt Disney Co. and Wal-Mart Inc. are also supplementing their original mainstay customer attraction with online sales and video distribution businesses.
It is important to work on DX as soon as possible in order to stand out from rival companies in the event of a disaster that will require a BCP in the future.
 From the morning edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, June 4, 2020, "DX Reform: Companies Clearly Identified at Corona

Five common traits of companies that are succeeding in DX

What are the characteristics of companies that are successful in DX? According to a study by McKinsey & Company, there are five common characteristics.

Five common
Appoint a qualified leader with digital expertise in each department.
Improving overall organizational capacity for future changes in the workforce.
New ways of working are being introduced to improve employee productivity.
We are constantly upgrading our company by introducing new digital tools.
We do not introduce new digital systems unnecessarily, and we are gradually shifting to a new system while reviewing the old one.

 What do companies that have successfully undergone digital transformation have in common?than

Leading DX companies are performing well

In August 2008, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), in collaboration with the Tokyo Stock Exchange, released a survey of "Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks)," which found that companies that are leading the way in DX are performing well.

Looking at the average return on equity (ROE) over the three-year period, more than 70% of the companies in the "DX Brand 2020" category, which are recognized for their excellence in DX initiatives, achieved an ROE of 8% or higher.
 Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks)than

LearningBOX, the optimal human resources training tool for the DX era

LearningBOX, the optimal human resources training tool for the DX era

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it has become an urgent issue for many companies to understand and review their fixed costs and expenses in order to continue their business.
In light of this situation, it is highly likely that costs associated with the development, education and training of human resources will also be subject to cost review in the future.
In the wake of the recession caused by the Corona disaster, many companies are considering and implementing cost cutting and reviewing their overhead and fixed costs.

learningBOX is an e-learning system that is recommended for newcomer training and in-house training!

Our e-learning system is sold at a price range (from 33,000 yen per year for 100 users) that can be introduced not only to large corporations, but also to small businesses and small organizations, and you can start e-learning from 30,000 yen per year at 1/10 of the industry price.
 Free PlanYou can fully grasp and confirm the usability by using it with

If you have any of these problems, learningBOX can solve them for you!

I can't take the time to gather all participants for group training.
We don't have the budget to do the training again and again.
There is a difference in the degree of knowledge acquisition among employees.
We have conducted major training programs, but knowledge fades over time, and it takes time for retention.
Is it possible to use it even if I don't have knowledge of IT?
It is difficult for a company to introduce and manage if there is a difference in usability among different age groups.

Tatsuno Information System Co., Ltd. is an IT systems development company headquartered in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.

eLearning Learning_Free

Let's take a look at the usage scenarios of ▼learningBOX!
learningBOX is an e-learning system that has been implemented in a wide variety of industries.
In this page, we introduce various business scenes modeled on learningBOX, such as "in-house training, examinations, and sales of learning contents".

The concept behind learningBOX, is that we want it to be inexpensive and easy!

Tatsuno Information System's LMS (Learning Management System) "learningBOX" is designed from the user's point of view, not from the developer's point of view, and it has an established reputation for its ease of use, for example, even those who are not good at operating a computer can learn to use it intuitively.

In addition, we listen to the requests of customers who actually use learningBOX, and develop new functions and modifications of existing functions on a daily basis. Compared to other companies, there is no other company that upgrades its functions as frequently as we do.

This is what changed after installing learningBOX! It's improved!

⇒learningBOX.Click here for a list of case studies.


This article provides an overview of DX, which is attracting a lot of attention right now, as well as the "advantages and disadvantages" and other points to be aware of when promoting DX in the future.

DX is an essential measure for companies to survive in the future.
In order to promote DX, it is necessary to introduce new business models, products and services as a company-wide initiative, not just IT.

In order for a company to continue to grow, it is important to create a system that supports the learning of each employee and fosters an attitude and organizational culture that responds flexibly to change and challenges.

We of course use learningBOX for our training, but most of the materials are created in-house.
The learningBOX can be used for up to 10 accounts for an unlimited period of time and is free of charge.
You can use it without a manual, and you can experience how easy it is to use!

Get started with free compliance training!

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