Education Reform 2021】learningBOX×Kaonavi collaboration campaign has been decided.


Education Reform 2021】learningBOX×Kaonavi collaboration campaign has been decided.

The e-learning system "learningBOX" and the talent management system "Khaonavi" will hold a campaign to commemorate their collaboration!

In this article, we will discuss the use of "talent management systems" and "e-learning" to make things more visible and engaging!
Khaonavi, which supports digital transformation (DX), and learningBOX will introduce an exclusive campaign plan to celebrate their collaboration.


  • 1. Talent management system that attracts attention now
  • 2. Kaonavi accelerates strategic human resource management by discovering employees' personalities and talents
  • 3. e-Learning with a focus on ease of use and low cost
  • 4. "Talent management system" and "e-learning" to streamline human resource management operations!
  • 5. Summary


Talent Management Systems in the Spotlight

elearning - Talent Management System

Talent management is a concept that originated in the United States in the 1990s.
In Japan, this concept has been widely known since the 2010s, when the decline in the working population became an issue, and is aimed at conducting strategic personnel assignments and human resource development by centrally managing data on talent, skills, and experience, which represent the abilities, qualities, and talents of employees and are held in different departments and organizations. It is a concept that aims to

A talent management system is a system that "visualizes" and manages data related to employee personnel affairs. It is a system that structures the talent management described earlier and utilizes it for employee skills management, fair personnel evaluation and placement, and human resources development.

In brief, it enables "fairness in personnel evaluation, facilitation of the evaluation process, and improvement in the accuracy of personnel selection and succession planning," as well as efficient development of employees' skills and strategic allocation of human resources in accordance with the company's management policy.

Utilizing human resources data through talent management systems

We consolidate the necessary information to streamline management and utilize it for the proper allocation of human resources and human resource development.

1. Improving the efficiency of HR operations

Talent management systems can aggregate and centrally manage employee data.
Since it is possible to grasp the abilities, skills, characteristics, and past work history of each employee, it is expected to reduce the occurrence of mismatches in personnel assignments and improve the efficiency of a wide range of human resources operations.

2. Objective evaluation based on data leads to increased employee motivation

The talent management system provides objective personnel evaluations based on data, which can increase employee motivation.
In personnel evaluation, clear standards are important. If the evaluation standard is unclear, or if the personnel evaluation varies depending on the work content or the evaluator, employees will distrust the company or the organization.
However, with a talent management system, employees are scored based on centrally managed data such as abilities, skills, and career vision, allowing for a fair personnel evaluation that is free from subjectivity.

Kaonavi accelerates strategic human resource management by discovering employees' individuality and talent

Kaonavi - E-learning

Kaonavi is a talent management system that accelerates strategic human resource management by discovering the individuality and talent of employees.
By centrally managing and visualizing human resources information such as employees' faces, names, experience, evaluations, skills, and talents, the system supports the realization of strategic talent management operations such as optimal personnel allocation and selection.

As an HR technology that solves all kinds of human resource management issues and realizes reforms in the way companies work, it has been chosen by the management of more than 1,900* companies and front-line managers regardless of industry or business category. As of September 30, 2020
(Official Site:) "I'll be back")

E-learning with a focus on ease of use and low cost


learningBOX is a learning management system (LMS) that covers all functions such as the creation of teaching materials, questions and tests, grading, and grade management, and can create e-learning materials with a focus on price and ease of use.

You can choose from 13 different question formats for the question and test course, and you can also create your own typing materials, as well as a web-based version of the standard "red sheet" for memorization, the "insect-eating notebook".

Free eLearning Learning


1/10 of the industry price! Easy to start e-learning

It is free for up to 10 users, with a reasonable fee plan starting at 30,000 yen per year for 100 users, and features a design that is easy to use for both administrators and learners, with specifications that can be operated intuitively without specialized knowledge.

E-Learning - Cheap

(Prices shown in the figure do not include tax)

Number of Accounts Per 100
Number of Groups  Unlimited
Data Storage 10GB
1 file upload limit ~30MB
License Fee 33,000 yen per year (tax included) 5,500 yen per month (tax included)
Payment methods and contract terms Bank transfer / credit card payment
12 months contract

E-learning systems on the market today are very expensive, and most of the services are mainly for large corporations.
The concept behind the learningBOX is.It's a "cheap and easy to use" system!
Since the beginning of our service in Japan, we have been used by many small and medium-sized companies and organizations, such as private cram school owners and restaurant owners, who feel that the introduction of major e-learning systems is too much of a hurdle.

Here's what the learningBOX has to offer!

The learningBOX is also compatible with videos and YouTube videos.
The existing data you have can be registered as a teaching material as it is by converting it to PDF.
Word cards and insect-eating notebooks are study materials that specialize in memorization.
There are more than 13 types of questions in the quiz and test functions.
You can set a wide range of options for the quiz, including images, videos and explanations.
A certificate can be given to those who have completed the study material.
By combining the above contents, you can design your own learning course.
The features of learningBOX are hereYou can also read more about it in


Talent Management System" and "e-Learning" to streamline HR management operations!

Kaonavi - e-learning system
(Head office: 216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo; President: Yoichiro Nishimura; hereinafter referred to as Tatsuno Information System) has decided to participate as a "Collaboration Partner" in the "Khaonavi Connected Partner Program" offered by Khaonavi Co. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masaki Yanagibashi) as a "Collaboration Partner" in the "Khaonavi Connected Partner Program" offered by Khaonavi Co.
We are pleased to announce that a campaign to celebrate this collaboration will begin on April 1, 2021.

The campaign will be open from Thursday, April 1, 2021, for the first 50 companies!

Talent Management" and "e-Learning" will make you more visible and more attractive!
Kaonavi, which supports digital transformation (DX), and learningBOX will hold an exclusive campaign to celebrate their collaboration.

Campaign Features

1. Centralized management of internal training attendance records and grades, linked to employee information
2. Streamline human resource management operations that handle vast amounts of information
3. Improve efficiency of personnel evaluation and internal training by linking systems
4. 2 services at a great price to start.
5. Original candy gift for signing up for a business meeting!

If you are interested, please visit the project page from the banner below.
learningBOX-Collaborative campaign project


In this article, titled "Education Reform 2021," we introduced a campaign plan to commemorate the collaboration.
If you are in charge of human resources and are worried that your company's internal system is old and difficult to use, or that each department is using different systems, you are in trouble! If you want to improve the efficiency of your company, this campaign is highly recommended.

In order for a company to continue to grow, it is important to create a system that supports the learning of each employee and fosters an attitude and organizational culture that flexibly responds to change and challenges.

Corporate human resource development is not a cost, but an investment. Human resource development leads to the "company power" of corporate management.
If you are interested, please feel free to take advantage of this campaign.

Get started with free compliance training!

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