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Starting from Ver 2.13 of learningBOX, the payment processing setting of EC function has become more convenient.
In this article, we will introduce you to the EC function of learningBOX, which has become even easier and more convenient to use.

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  • 1. The EC function has become even more convenient!
  • 2. What is the EC function of learningBOX?
  • 3. merits of EC function plan
  • 4. introduce examples of use of EC functions
  • 5. Summary


EC functions are now even more convenient!


In the past, it was troublesome to issue receipts and create quotations, but with Ver2.13 and later, you can create them within the learningBOX system.
In addition, you can also set up a total of seven different payment methods for the EC function, including "bank transfer, convenience store payment, credit card payment".

EC function of learningBOX [Payment processing setting].

Instead of selling things, learningBOX's EC function allows you to easily sell your own learning contents on the web.
You can choose from seven payment methods for EC functions: [Buy for Free], [PayPal], [Bank Transfer], [Invoice], [Convenience Store (GMO-PG)], [Bank Transfer (GMO-PG)], and [Credit Card (GMO-PG)].

GMO-PG is an abbreviation for GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
For PayPal and GMO Payment Gateway, you will need to apply and complete the procedures for each service by yourself.
Please note that some companies may require prior screening.

You can learn more about the learningBOX payment processing settings in this article.
EC function of learningBOX [Payment processing setting].

EC function of learningBOX [Setting up and issuing receipts].

All the time-consuming work of issuing receipts can now be completed within the learningBOX system.
Receipts can be confirmed from the purchaser's My Page screen.

You can learn more about setting up and issuing receipts in learningBOX in this article.
EC function of learningBOX [Setting up and issuing receipts].

What is the EC function of learningBOX in the first place?

Sell content using the learningBOX

Did you know that you can sell the content you create with learningBOX on the Internet?
LearningBOX's EC feature is a platform that allows you to easily sell your learning content instead of selling things!

Our e-learning system, learningBOX, offers a wide variety of learning materials and allows you to easily create and upload learning materials.
Even those who are not good at operating a computer can learn how to use and set up a computer by touching it.

Why choose learningBOX to sell your content?

In addition to bank transfers and credit card payments, the payment function can also handle invoice payments and even convenience store payments if you use GMO Payment Gateway!
In addition, the preview function allows users to check the actual course before they purchase it, which I think will reduce problems after purchase.

learningBOX EC features

BtoB sales using the EC function of learningBOX

Content Sales Function
Using the EC function of learningBOX, you can easily build a website to sell past exam questions for correspondence courses and certification exams.
Learning content can be purchased on a company or group basis.

The company or group can purchase the learning content and the purchased materials can be assigned to learners by the company or group's staff.
The EC function can also be used for "sales of content for corporate training" and "group applications for certification exams, etc.".
Of course, you can also purchase learning content on an individual basis.

In 2021, e-learning will be increasingly used

The global e-learning market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 131 TP1T to reach a value of USD 93.64 Billion between 2020 and 2024.
The growth of this market is expected to be fueled by increased engagement of students in the classroom through gamification and increased adoption of microlearning.
E-learning is a form of learning that is still evolving, and it is also a field where new ways of using it are being tested.
E-learning has the potential to provide "optimal learning for each student," which has been a challenge in traditional schools.

In BtoB, the market is booming from the revitalized investment in corporate talent development.

In fiscal 2019, the domestic e-learning market is expected to grow 7.7% year-on-year to 235.4 billion yen. This includes 68.4 billion yen in the corporate (including individuals within companies and organizations) B-to-B market (up 5.2% YoY) and 167 billion yen in the individual B-to-C market (up 8.8% YoY), both of which are expected to continue expanding.

Source.Yano Research Institute|Results of a survey on domestic e-learning market

In the BtoB market, the diversification of learning tools due to the popularization of smartphones and tablets, the evolution of video content, the evolution of the cloud environment and the ease of use of e-learning, combined with the activation of corporate human resource development needs, has made e-learning more popular than ever before. It's pervasive across industries and companies.

Strong sales growth in the BtoC market

In fiscal 2020, the domestic e-learning market is forecast to grow 4.5% year-on-year to 246 billion yen. The current fiscal year is expected to see an increase in the number of e-learning users as a result of increased demand for distance learning due to the impact of the new coronavirus outbreak in both B-to-B and B-to-C markets.

Source.Yano Research Institute|Results of a survey on domestic e-learning market

The BtoC market has seen a steady increase in the number of users and the introduction of e-learning as a form of personal learning, due to the spread of learning styles using smartphones, tablets and SNS, the evolution of services provided by improvements in information and communication technology, and the emergence of learning services that use artificial intelligence (AI). We are progressing a generalizing environment.
Both the BtoB and BtoC markets are expected to continue to expand in the future.

Do you have any of these problems or requests among your customers?

No.1. I have teaching materials, but I don't know how to sell them on the web...
No.2. I want to sell my teaching materials, but it seems difficult to set up a server and payment system...
No.3. I want to make effective use of the company's proven training materials!
No.4. I want to pass on my skills and knowledge to those who don't know!
No.5. I want to sell the company's technology and know-how to outside parties!

All this can be achieved with the EC function of learningBOX!
You can build a site that allows you to create content, your own domain, and customize the design.
The learningBOX is simple to use and easy to register.

Advantages of the EC Function Plan

E-Learning - Content Sales


Click here for the features of the ▼EC Function Plan

URL URL of your company's original domain
mail source E-mail address of your company's own domain
Timing of system upgrade Upgrading from the date and time of your choice (weekdays 9:00-18:00 *except national holidays)
Updates at midnight will incur additional costs.
Restrictions by IP It is possible to allow access only from your company's static IP.
logo Logo.
Top page Can be changed to an original design
sidebar Can be changed by the sidebar manager
color scheme Can be changed by CSS
Additional CSS description You can fine-tune the CSS.
Additional Javascript You can embed Google Analytics tags, etc.
SSL setup fee In the case of SSL specified by our company [fuji-ssl is assumed] (* Renewal and setting are required every two years.)
If the SSL specified by your company needs to be installed separately, 50,000 yen will be charged as an installation fee.


Here is an example of the login page with customized design.

ec function-learning box


The EC function plan can be started with only the dedicated server cost because of the payment fee based on 20% of the settlement amount, and the initial cost is low.
You get an unlimited number of accounts, and your accounts never expire!
This license is perfect for those who want to start selling learning contents online or use online examinations.
Let's build an EC site with learningBOX!

Introducing a case study of "The Art Certification Association of Japan" using the EC function!

The Association for Art Certification (AICA) will launch an online certification test in September 2020 using learningBOX.
Candidates do not have to worry about coronary infection and can easily apply and take the test online if they have a computer and an internet connection.
You can also set up coupons to attract new test takers and improve the repeat rate of existing test takers.

With learningBOX, you can build a website with your original design, which helps to create a sense of trust and security, which is the most important factor for certification contents.

Why did you introduce the EC function plan?

The art examinations range from Level 4 to Level 1 and have been held once a year, usually in November each year.
Originally, the examinations were held at venues in five cities throughout Japan, but in response to the impact of the corona infection, this year we introduced online examinations that can be taken at home. This is because we want to provide many people with the opportunity to take the exam in a safe and secure environment.

With the introduction of online examinations, I think we have become closer to the people who take the examinations. What I mean by "closer" is very sensory, but thanks to the EC function of learningBOX, we are able to understand the application status of examinees. For example, we know what payment method they chose, and we know that some of the people who purchased books are using discount coupons for exam fees. You can check the status of examinees in real time from the administration screen.

Content sales-elearning


▼ The interview with the Japan Art Examiners Association is explained in detail in this article.



In this article, we have introduced the EC function of learningBOX, which has become even easier and more convenient to use.
Our e-learning system makes it easy for you to sell your learning content on the web.
learningBOX offers a wide variety of learning materials and allows you to easily create and upload learning materials.

We can add and create contents according to your needs and purposes, such as PDF teaching materials, video teaching materials, teaching materials for examinations, and study aids. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For inquiries about EC functions, please contacthereFrom.

Kaonavi×learningBOX collaboration memorial campaign is underway!
Try learningBOX now for free!

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