[Latest in 2021] A must-see for anyone in charge of education! A thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of online training

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[Latest in 2021] A must-see for anyone in charge of education! A thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of online training

Hello. I'm Iriya, a new employee of Tatsuno Information System.
Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was decided to extend the declaration of a state of emergency to nine prefectures, and we are still facing uncertain days ahead, aren't we?

Due to the Corona disaster, many companies have introduced telework, and an increasing number of companies are also offering training online.
Unlike conventional face-to-face training, we understand that some trainers may have doubts about the results of training.
So in this article.The basics of online training, advantages and disadvantages, and key points for effectivenessfunction. Here is some information about

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  • 1. What is online training?
  • 2. Thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of online training!
  • 3. Human Resource Development Points for Successful Online Training
  • 4. Summary


What is online training?

What is Online Training?
Online training is training conducted online between a remote instructor and a participant through an Internet connection.
If you have an internet connection, you can take the training even if you work in a regional office or from home.
Therefore, travel to the headquarters for trainingTime and transportation costs.It can reduce the

There are two main types of online training: live-streaming and e-learning (on-demand), and web conferencing systems are commonly used.


As the name suggests, the live-streaming type is a training format that delivers live video.
It is similar to live TV broadcasting and is sometimes referred to as "live Internet broadcasting" or "live Internet broadcast.
Participants watch at the designated delivery time and can interact with the instructor in a question-and-answer session.

From the operator's perspective, the training can be conducted in an atmosphere similar to that of group training, but there is a risk that the training will be immediately interrupted if there is a problem with the Internet connection or the equipment for live streaming.
It is also possible to include sound effects and tickers in live transmissions, but special transmission equipment and operators need to be arranged.

E-learning (on-demand) type

The e-learning (on-demand) type is a training format that allows participants to view the course materials uploaded to a delivery server at their own timing.
Students can take courses at their own pace, without being restricted by time or location, and can also repeat viewing of areas of weakness.

From the administrator's point of view, since the materials are prepared in advance, they can create high quality content.
For example, if you make a mistake or stumble while recording a lecture, you can reshoot it.
Although it takes a lot of effort to produce teaching materials, once they are produced, they can be used repeatedly and have the advantage of providing the same quality of training content uniformly.
On-demand means to provide a service according to the user's request when the user requests it. For example, YouTube is a familiar example. This is exactly what on-demand delivery is all about.

Thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of online training!

Benefits of Online Training

The most important feature of online training is that it eliminates the "gap in educational opportunities" regardless of where you work or what region you are in, and reduces costs such as transportation and accommodation.
The course will be available at home, so that employees on leave can receive the education they need without interruption after they leave the company.

The benefits of online training!

Even in situations where the movement of people or their gathering in one place is restricted due to risks such as the spread of infectious diseases, the training can be held and participants can come from anywhere in the country.
Online training allows participants to receive the video materials and documents necessary for training at their own timing.
Compared to traditional training, the schedule can be adjusted more easily and each person can proceed with the training at their own pace.

If you encounter any problems during the training, you can feel free to ask questions during the training via chat and other tools.

Convenient online training has its disadvantages

The problem with online training is that it tends to dilute communication between managers and participants.
Online training is a very convenient and innovative method of education, but it is basically based on remote learning via "PC or mobile screen".
Therefore, there are situations where it is not suitable for workshops that require participants to actually work with their hands, training where they learn by experience (OJT), and situations where discussions with a large group of people are necessary.
It is also difficult to maintain the concentration and motivation of the trainees, and are they really moving forward with the training?
Another difficulty is that it is difficult to assess how much you understand. Another difficulty is that it is difficult to evaluate how much

Human Resource Development Points for Successful Online Training

Online Training - Human Resources Education

Online training has both advantages and disadvantages, but with some ingenuity on the part of the trainer, you can take advantage of the unique benefits of online training and make it more effective.
The most common problems that occur in online training are that each communication environment is different, participants do not understand how to operate the web conferencing tool, and the noise can be too loud to hear, or the microphone can feedback.

Such rudimentary problems can be resolved by explaining the operation of the online training beforehand, and the lack of communication among participants can be addressed by setting up separate opportunities for interaction, either online or in person.
In terms of maintaining motivation, it will be necessary for instructors and administrators to devise ways to prevent participants from becoming bored, such as assigning members to support the progress of the training during the training and actively using chat and survey functions to promote communication with participants.

We're asking you, HR trainers! Do you have any of the following problems with employee training?

If you are a training manager who has only conducted group training!
Do you have any of these problems or issues in implementing and managing employee training?

The voices and worries of educators who find it difficult to speak out...

1. I don't have time to gather all participants for group training...
2. we don't have the budget to do the training again and again...
3. There is a difference in the degree of knowledge acquisition among employees...
4. We've done the training, but as time goes by, the knowledge fades...
5. it takes time for knowledge to sink in...


learningBOX is an e-learning system that makes it easy to start online training.

learningBOX is an e-learning system that was developed and realized from the concerns of our customers who were having problems with corporate training, exam preparation, and company human resource development and education. Compared to other e-learning systems on the market, learningBOX is overwhelmingly inexpensive, yet easy to use and allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment.

E-learning - Content


Click here to see what I think of the learningBOX.

The learningBOX is also a great tool for training our new employees.
I also used learningBOX for my new employee training, and the layout is intuitive with easy-to-understand button layout, so I was able to crunch through the learning process from the beginning without having to look at any particular instructions.

As an administrator, I also created learning materials and content, and since the system has a dedicated question creation form, it is relatively easy to create content without knowing IT knowledge or technical terms.

It is a learning management system with all the necessary tools for education, and it also has a grade management function so that you can grasp at a glance the status of the course materials you have created.

One thing that I found difficult was that as a result of customer requests and the realization of even greater ease of use, new functions were constantly being added as the system itself was updated.

This makes it difficult to keep track of all the functions. While it is convenient with many functions, it requires some continuous practice to be able to use it.

The learningBOX does a great job of training our new recruits!

Our company mainly uses learningBOX for training for new employees to simulate the practical application.

You will need to have good communication skills including email and phone skills to ensure that customers can use learningBOX comfortably, be able to answer questions quickly and understand learningBOX features to ensure that customers are not kept waiting.
Our members help each other to support our customers every day, and we use learningBOX to improve these skills.

Here are some examples of how the learningBOX is used.

learningBOX is an e-learning system that is used in a wide variety of industries including internal training, certification exams, and learning content sales.

With ▼learningBOX, you can easily conduct online training even for small-scale use.


In addition to in-house training, ▼learningBOX can also be used to administer full-fledged certification exams online.


With the ec feature of ▼learningBOX, what a surprise! You can also sell your learning contents online.

For more information on how to use learningBOX, please refer tohereYou can read more about it in the article


The most important factor in the success of online training is to create an environment that allows participants to focus on the training without stress.
Depending on the age of the participants and the type of work they do, their level of understanding of how to operate the system will differ. If they don't know how to operate the system, the effectiveness of the training will be reduced by half, no matter how much the content is enhanced.

Therefore, we recommend the use of our e-learning system "learningBOX" for online training!
learningBOX is a learning management system that provides all the necessary functions for online training and "anyone can easily build a web-based learning environment". With its easy and simple operation, anyone can learn quickly and easily, and create questions easily.

You can create quizzes and tests in a wide variety of formats (13 types), and you can also manage learning progress and grades to improve learners' understanding. We have also designed an affordable pricing structure, starting at 33,000 yen per year for an account of 100 users, and up to 10 accounts can be used free of charge for an unlimited period.
by all means (with sense of not taking "no" for an answer)Free Planto see how easy it is to use and what it can do!

Click here for the reference site.

Advantages and disadvantages of online training and what makes it effectivethan
How to start an online training program? How to do it, benefits and other basic knowledge.than

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Try learningBOX now for free!

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