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Hi, I'm Nishimura, you can start using learningBOX with credit card payment. I'd like to thank the team in charge of DX.

Advantages of paying by credit card

There are many good things about paying with a credit card.

You can start using it right away (no matter our business days)

When you pay by credit card, you can start using the service immediately, without being affected by our business days or the business days of financial institutions.

No transfer fees

In the case of a bank transfer, the customer is responsible for the fee, but if you use a credit card, you can pay without a fee.

Our sales and accounting staff will be happy.

Our sales and customer support are happy because they don't have to confirm the payment and reflect it in the system. In addition, since the exchange of money is completed systematically, there are no errors and our accountant is relieved.

Accumulate credit card points

You can accumulate credit card points. That makes me happy! (Please be careful not to violate the rules of your employer when handling your points.

Cases where credit cards are not recommended

However, there are some cases where we do not recommend paying with a credit card.

When it is expensive

We do not recommend paying by credit card if you exceed the limit of your credit card or put undue pressure on the limit. On our side, we would also like to recommend payment by bank transfer as it will incur a few percent in closing fees.

When it involves the construction of a dedicated server, etc.

If you need to build a dedicated server, you will need to adjust the delivery date, and if it is expensive, you will need to contact our customer support and pay by bank transfer.


If you have any concerns about payment methods or usage, please feel free to contact us via email, chat, or phone. Phone calls are handled at our head office in Tatsuno, but right next to the customer support team are the development team and sales team, and next to them is me. We have the same contact point for everything from pricing plans to technical consultations, feature requests, and bug reports.

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