New feature in learningBOX 2.16! What is "Linked Content Settings"?

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New Feature] Newly added to learningBOX! What is "Linked Content Settings"?

Hello! This is Hirota of the Marketing Section.
Last month, on November 17, version 2.16 of learningBOX was released.
With that, new features"Linked Content Settings."has been released.
When you hear only the name, you may think that it is a difficult function... but it is a very useful function.
This time, I'd like to tell you what kind of function "Linked Content Settings" is, including its convenience!

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What is interlocking content setting?

First of all, I would like to introduce what kind of function the linked content setting is.
You can set a grade condition for a specific material and show another material only to the students who meet the condition.Function.
New feature development gives you more flexibility in how you use learningBOX!
This feature allows learners to take a make-up test if they do not pass the test.
The content can be displayed flexibly depending on the setting of grade conditions.

Here are some examples of the use of interlocking content settings!

This is based on the example we discussed earlier of having students take a make-up test if they fail a test.

Before the setting condition is met

When a student fails a test, a remedial test will be displayed.
Before the setting conditions are met, the contents that are set to be linked will not be displayed.



After the setting conditions are met

The "test failed" condition has been met, so the content that was set to be linked is now displayed.
In this case, we set up a test as a follow-up exam, but you can also link content such as videos and teaching materials.


⇒For more information on how to useLinked Content Settings.

Situations of benefit and convenience

We will introduce the merits of setting up interlinked content and the situations in which it can be used effectively, with examples of its use.

Benefits of setting up linked content

We can take care of students who fail to pass the material, set the next material to be studied depending on the learner's performance, etc.Tailored learning for each learnerYou will be able to
In particular, if a learner does not pass the material, instead of letting the learner finish the study without passing the material, we can set up content that can be reviewed so that the learner can deepen their understanding of the material and avoid leaving unfamiliar points unanswered.
Normally, teaching materials with linked contents are not displayed, but hidden contents can be displayed only when a specific teaching material or folder is passed or failed. It may be possible to motivate learners to learn by preparing special content for those who pass the material.

Convenience and situations where it can be used

What is linked content setup? As mentioned in the previous section, this function is mainly useful in situations where you want to allow students who have failed a test to take a make-up test, or where you want to allow students who have failed to pass a course to take a make-up class.
If a student fails a test or a material, there is no need to go to the material page for review.


What do you think of the new "Linked Content Settings" feature that we introduced this time?
The specifications are highly versatile and easy to set because they can be used in any situation depending on the settings.
Also, this isIn a shared environment, for free.It is a function that anyone can use. By all means, please use it once and feel the convenience!

You can get an easy estimate!Free Plancan be used indefinitely without any restriction on the period of use.
including administrators.All basic functions are free for up to 10 peopleThe plan can be used in
If you are at all interested in this opportunity, please take advantage of our learningBOX.

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