Data Security Training with Elearning to Employees


Information leaks by companies are often caused by a lack of employee literacy, and information security education is becoming increasingly important. When trying to establish knowledge through in-house training, we recommend the use of an e-learning system.

This article provides examples of content for conducting information security training via e-learning and how to choose the right service. We will also introduce services and materials useful for creating content.

Types of e-learning content for information security training

Information security training is generally provided through group training or e-learning.
There are numerous learning areas for information security training e-learning content, so select and prepare appropriate content in consideration of the training objectives and budget.

Examples of Information Security e-Learning Content

Security incidents, including personal information leaks, can occur regardless of the nature of the business. Factors that may cause such incidents range from loss of information assets to cyber-attacks. Therefore, when conducting information security training, it is advisable to target all employees, regardless of contract type or position.

Listed below are examples of e-learning content for information security training.

  • Understanding the Personal Information Protection Law and proper handling of personal information
  • Rules and risks of using SNS
  • Compliance
  • Targeted Attack Email Threats and Countermeasures
  • Importance of information asset and terminal management
  • Recent Examples of Information Security Incidents
  • ID and password management
  • Importance of Supply Chain Security
  • Security risks in the use of cloud services
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How to Select E-Learning Content for Information Security Training


Various services offer e-learning for information security training. What criteria should be used to select the right one to use for employee training and to improve the security awareness of the entire company? Here, we explain the key points for selecting e-Learning for information security training.

Areas of study are general-purpose or specialized?

E-learning learning areas can be divided into "general-purpose" and "specialized" types, depending on the service offered.


The general-purpose type is characterized by offering a wide range of learning areas that are in high demand by companies. Content includes not only information security training, but also business etiquette and harassment training.

If you want to choose an area of study from a wide range of options according to your needs at the time, the general-purpose type is recommended.

specialized type

The specialized type is characterized by offering specialized content in a particular field of study. Therefore, if you want to increase the quality and frequency of training in a particular area of study, the specialized type is recommended.
For example, a typical example is a policy to intensively strengthen training related to information security over the medium to long term.

Depending on your company's issues related to information security, choose a service that offers the areas of study you want to focus on.

Is content customization flexible?

E-learning services differ in their customizability depending on the provider. Specifically, e-learning services can be categorized into two types: those in which the original content created by the provider is used without editing, and those in which the content is customized for the company's own use.

To optimize the content of information security training for your company, we recommend implementing a service that offers flexible content customization. Employee literacy and the know-how required for business operations differ from organization to organization.

By selecting a highly customizable service, training content can be improved based on employee understanding and attendance, and ongoing information security training can be provided.

Is the fee structure and amount appropriate for your budget?

The type and amount of fees for e-learning services vary from one provider to another. Specifically, there are services that are available free of charge, subscription-type services that require a monthly fee, buy-in type services that only require an initial fee, and courses that charge a fee each time a course is taken.

When implementing an e-learning service, set aside a budget in advance and make sure that the type and amount of fees for the service you are considering using are commensurate with the service.

It is also important to make active use of free trials to determine whether ease of use and cost performance are sufficient.

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Useful information for e-learning information security training


Finally, here are some useful contents and services for conducting information security training via e-learning. Select the most appropriate service based on the functionality you require, the scale of use, and the frequency of use.

IPA "Information Security Measures Support Site

The IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, makes materials on information security measures available to the public. the IPA is an organization that conducts activities such as human resource development to strengthen competitiveness in the IT field in Japan.

The page introduces specific security measures for different purposes and situations, such as web conferencing, telework, and long vacations. It can also be downloaded and used as training materials or handouts. You may want to take a look at this page, as it can be easily viewed without the need to log in.

Countermeasure Booklet | IPA Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Cyber Security Site for Citizens"

This is the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that provides basic knowledge and countermeasures for information security. For measures in companies and organizations, the curriculum is divided by role, such as executives, employees, and information management personnel, and is designed to be easy to use for company-wide training programs.

The page also includes videos and materials from previous online courses on information security measures; PDF materials are available for download and distribution, which will be helpful in consolidating knowledge.

Cyber Security Site for Citizens|Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Learning BOX" e-learning system

Remarkable improvement of work efficiencyis a learning management system that allows you to conduct employee training online. It includes all the functions required for e-learning, such as the creation of teaching materials and tests, grading, and management of course histories, and can be useful for in-house production of information security training.

In addition, "
With the "LearningBOX", you can also add existing training content to the learningBOX. In addition to information security training, content such as harassment training, business manner training, and compliance training is available free of charge, and you can easily design your own original learning courses by combining them with your own content.

Up to 10 accounts are available free of charge, so please feel free to try it out when conducting information security training via e-learning.

thumbnail (i.e. miniature image)

Free Information Security Training|learningBOX ON

If you want to implement information security training through e-learning, you can use learningBOX ON!

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Conduct information security training via e-learning to improve learning efficiency.

In this issue, we have explained how to select content content and services when conducting information security training via e-learning. In today's world of increasingly complex and diverse information management risks, companies are required to actively invest in information security measures.

In-house training is one type of training, and e-learning makes it possible to provide content tailored to the literacy and hierarchy of employees. Conduct information security training via e-learning to both consolidate knowledge and improve learning efficiency.

In learningBOX ON
as well as

In addition to the flexible content creation, personalized learning will boost each employee's understanding and knowledge by customizable settings. We encourage you to make use of this service for your in-house training, as it is available free of charge and includes essential content such as

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learningBOX ON|Training content for employee education

If you are looking to implement employee training via e-learning, learningBOX ON is the place to go!

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