This function is recommended for cases where users need to register by themselves (e.g. e-learning for B to C users, online examinations, etc.).
Use of e-learning for btoc

This page isFunction Overview (Account Registration Management and Application Management)explanation. For related functions, please refer to the following.
About Account Approval Notification Emails

To use this function, you need to sign up for the optional [Hosting / Design Customization] as a prerequisite.
Shared Server + Customized Plan and above
▼ Dedicated Servers
For more details, please refer to the price plan page.
About Pricing Plans

About account registration management and account application management

Account Registration Managementis the menu to set up a form for member registration.

Account Application Managementis a screen for setting approval or disapproval of users who have applied for membership.

Account Registration Management - About Input Field Settings

You can set the input field of new member registration form. Administrator] Account Registration Management > Registration Field Settings

[Administrator screen
Use of e-learning for btoc

User Screen] New Member Registration
Use of e-learning for btoc

Account Registration Management - About Registration Field Settings

Use of e-learning for btoc

[Enabling the registration function].
Toggles the new member registration feature between enabled and disabled.

[Automatically approve registration].
ON・・・Automatic approval.
OFF ... It becomes individual approval.

About account registration management - URL of the usage screen

You can show or hide the Terms of Use and edit the text of the Terms of Use.
Use of e-learning for btoc

About account registration management-issuing a group URL

You can issue the URL of the group you want to invite. You can also ask users to register as a new member from the URL issued here.
Use of e-learning for btoc

About Member Application Management

Manage approvals for users who have applied. By approving, the user can login.
Use of e-learning for btoc