About the Account Approval Notification Email Function

This function is part of the account registration function. It describes the flow of new user registration to your Learning Management System (LMS) site, various notification emails, and the flow of user approval at your company.

The account registration function is recommended when using LMS for BtoC applications such as examinations that require member registration by the user's own input.
Overview of the account registration functionPlease refer to the following page for more information about
About the account registration function

About the flow from new user registration to approval

E-learning account registration function
There is also a setting for automatic approval. (See below)

Detailed account registration and approval process and email

The user can access the【【LMS】】page on the top page of your LMS.Register to contact us for freeClick [ ].account informationregister.
(*The text in the button "Register as a member for free" can be changed to suit your needs.

E-learning account registration function

The user fills in each item in the form and proceeds to Confirmation → Application

E-learning account registration function

After the application, the user will receive a personal authentication email to the address registered by the user.

This email template allows you to change the text of the email. (See below)
E-learning account registration function

When the user clicks on the URL and the authentication is completed, the administrator will be notified by email with the approval information.

(Users cannot log in at this time because they have not been approved.
You can change the template of this email as well.
E-learning account registration function

Administrators can approve users by going to Member Management → Account Application Management and clicking [Approve].

(By approving, the user can log in.)
E-learning account registration function
↑If you check the [Notify by email] checkbox, an approval completion email will be sent to newly registered users.

When the [Approve] button is clicked, an email will be sent to the user notifying them that they have been approved (approval completion email).

You can change the template of this email as well.
E-learning account registration function

About editing email templates

Go to Administration → Mail Settings in the side menu bar.
E-learning account registration function

Automatic approval of account registration

If you don't want to go through the approval process every time a user registers for an account, you can set up automatic approval.
Member Management → Account Registration Management → Registration Field Settings → Auto Approve Registration The user is automatically approved by enabling
Account Auto-Authorization
If you set it to automatic approval, you will receive an authentication email after applying for an account.
Login button on the person authentication email