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Bug Report Form

Please fill out the following form when you have some bugs.* Please confirm your setups and describe your bug/issue in detail as much as possible so we can reproduce the error you have encountered more quickly, we would appreciate your cooperation.
* Please be sure to check the recommended and supported setups for learningBOX and QuizGenerator in advance.
>> Recommended Setups for learningBOX <<
>> Recommended Setup for QuizGenerator <<
* Please update the Quizgenerator Player to the latest version when the error occurrs while you are using the Quiz Creation Form. If the error persists, please contact us using the bug report form. Here’s how to update the Quizgenerator Player.

e.g) Taro Tatsuno

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*learningBOX or QuizGenerator


e.g) Windows10, MacOS EL Capitan, Android8.0, iOS12.3.1, etc. (Please specify the version)
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e.g) GoogleChrome75, Firefox18, Edge18, Internet Explorer11, Safari12, etc. (Please specify the version)
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About Your Issue/Bug in DetailsRequired
* Please also describe the method of reproducing the bug, since we need to reproduce the event first, such as the target page URL and what kind of operation was performed.

Please attach screen captures to check and the files you used (txt, csv, etc.). (A zip file is also accepted)
* Please attach them as much as possible. (Within 5MB)

Befor submit your inquiry, please check >>Our Privacy Policy.
*We only send documents online.

* If you do not get any response within 2 business days, your inquiry may not be sent properly. In that case, please contact us through the following contact number or send your inquiry again.