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If you're not an employee.
\ There are things you can't teach me! /

If you're not an employee.
There are things I can't teach you!

In an age when the importance of "strategic human resources" is being called for and strengthening human resources is said to be essential.
Are you satisfied with generic, off-the-shelf training materials?

I wish I could easily create training materials that fit my company's needs."
"I want to upgrade my materials every time."

Wouldn't it be nice if there was such a system that could "reach the itchy spot"?

Training programs created with the e-learning creation system "learningBOX" are
You can tailor the content to your company's situation and needs, and
We achieve practical guidance on management concepts and work methods.

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For better human resource training.
backscratcher e-learningWhy don't you make your training in-house with We're here to help.

For better human resource training.
e-learningTraining at
Would you like to go in-house?

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Matches the needs of your company
Go for the training!


Externally sourced materials are more difficult to customize and change or modify in content.

With a wide range of features, such as group assignment and automatic grade saving, learningBOX allows you to create and modify learning materials to suit your needs.

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In-house know-howwhat?


Are you printing materials and preparing the venue for every handover or training session?

Once you create and share e-learning materials, you can use them all the time and save yourself the trouble. In addition, learningBOX costs from 33,000 yen per year for 100 users. This is a very low price and economical.

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Each person's level of understanding
indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.
Get a grip!


Large training programs do not allow us to make sure that each employee understands the program.

With learningBOX, there is a "learning limit function" that prevents students from moving on to the next material unless they pass the test, and a function that quantifies their performance, allowing you to monitor the level of understanding of each learner individually.

But it seems so difficult..."

Women who worry that it will be difficult Women who worry that it will be difficult
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The learningBOX is
Simple and multifunctional"
E-learning system.

learningBOX is an easy-to-use, multi-functional e-learning system.
From member registration to content creation and grade management, everything is complete.
No programming or other specialized knowledge is required.


The PDFs and videos you have now.
Can be used as is.No!

There is no need to recreate materials, just upload your existing materials, which can be easily created in a variety of formats including PDF, video and slides.


The format of the questions isMore than 10No!
Easy question creation with forms

A wide variety of questions, such as fill-in-the-blanks and reports, can be easily created from forms. You can also insert images, audio, and video to create questions that will keep learners engaged.


At a glance!
requiring no explanationLearning screen of

Learners can see only the material assigned to them, allowing them to progress smoothly. The learning status is also displayed, so you can check your progress at a glance.

For your problems
Our customer support will
We'll answer all your questions!

backscratcher WEB Individual Consultation Held! We are going to hold an event!

WEB Individual Consultation Held!

We will be holding a 60 minute consultation session where our customer support team will answer any questions or concerns you may have about learningBOX.
We will give you a perfect answer about the plan and how to make the questions.

Plus, follow-up support in the form of web meetings for standard 100+ applications!
Please take advantage of this opportunity.
Please use the form below to apply.

Application period: until March 31, 2022 (Thursday)


Flow of Consultation

For example, questions like

checkboxWhich plan would you recommend for our size?

checkboxTell me more about how you make problems!

checkboxCan I change my plan as many times as I want?

checkboxTell me what features I can use when I test.

checkboxI need multiple people to manage this!

checkboxI'm doing this kind of training now, but what if I want to make it e-learning?

In order to receive full support

When you call or email us in advance, please be sure to tell our staff that you are interested in our in-house training program.

Our dedicated support team will not make any recommendations about your training content, just prepare in advance the analogue material you want to convert to e-learning and your preferred training plan.

WEB Individual Consultation
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WEB Individual Consultation
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