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Case Studies

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Kinichi Ando, President


Established in 1971 in Machida City, Tokyo, Kurikura Co. The "CLIKRA" water delivery service, which was launched in 2002, has greatly increased its market share through the free rental of water servers, and has become a popular product that is drunk by individuals and companies nationwide. The company provides safe, high-quality water that contains high-quality minerals and can be used for babies' milk throughout Japan.

Measures to improve the level of delivery staff across the country are no longer possible due to the Corona disaster.
I want to increase the frequency with which staff pick up the manual.
We want to efficiently test our internal licenses.
It takes time for sales staff to fill out and consolidate daily reports.
Online quizzes and standardized tests
Link the quiz to the manual to give you a chance to review it.
To be able to take the test whenever you want.
Daily delivery is now possible by using the survey function.

E-learning is indispensable for improving the service level base.

First of all, can you tell us about your company's business?

We are engaged in the production, delivery, and after-sales service of the mineral water "CLIKRA".

[Mr. Ando.]
We have been producing, delivering, and maintaining water servers called "CLIKRA" since 2002. Basically, our business is to rent water servers to general customers and companies for business use, and to purchase water on a regular basis.
Currently, there are about 500 stores nationwide, from which we deliver water to about 500,000 customers.

Case Studies

Thank you very much. So, please tell us how you came to know about learningBOX.

I was looking for a way to learn how to even out and raise the service level of delivery staff.

[Mr. Ando.]
There are about 1,800 CLICRA delivery staff nationwide, and they deliver water to customers from their respective stores every day. About three years ago, we launched the "Service Quality Improvement Declaration Project" to improve the service level of the 1,800 people who have contact with customers.

About two years later, in the fall of 2020, I wanted to check what I had learned through the project and what I was practicing every day, so I started searching for a system that would make learning easy. I started searching for a system that would make learning easier. I searched for words like "e-learning" and found companies that offered systems, then contacted them and talked to them to find out which system would be the easiest to implement in terms of cost and operation. One of those companies was your company.

What was the deciding factor for you to choose ━learningBOX?

We decided on a system that is simple and easy for everyone to use, with a low hurdle for implementation.

[Mr. Ando.]
At first, we wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. So we started with free use.
In addition, although we have franchisees all over the country, we also have separate companies such as franchise agreements, and in order to manage such information in one place, it was important to have a solid system, simple and easy for anyone to use.
In this respect, I found learningBOX to be the best.

When I first contacted the company, they responded to my requests in detail, and I felt I could trust them from that point on.
First, we did a pre-operation with the "quiz generator" and officially introduced it in January of 2021.

Did you conduct any training or disseminate information to delivery personnel under the "Service Quality Improvement Declaration Project"?

The delivery person contest is no longer available at Corona and a replacement is needed.

[Mr. Ando.]
We used to have a contest to determine the number one delivery service provider. The contest used to be held at places such as Tokyo Disney Resort, but due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, we could no longer gather there, so the question became what we could do to improve the level of service as an alternative to the contest.

Case Studies

I understand that you have been looking for an e-learning system as a substitute and are currently using learningBOX.

A web-based learning system has been implemented to raise the service level of staff across the country.

[Mr. Ando.]
We decided to switch from the previous concept of "deciding who is the best" and to increase the base. We needed a system that would allow as many delivery staff as possible to participate and relearn the basics.
Therefore, we decided to prepare the "National CLICRA Unified Mock Exam", a kind of web-based center exam, so that everyone could take the exam, learn the same knowledge, and improve the base of our service level.
The goal was to create and implement the "National CLICRA Unified Practice Test" using the learningBOX, and at the same time, we used the learningBOX to conduct quizzes before challenging the practice test.

We have been offering the "CLIKRA College" since 2013 to develop human resources for CLIKRA. There is a manual supervised by the College, which enables delivery staff and sales staff to learn information and service know-how related to CLIKRA.
The main points of the manual were divided into six units and put to the test, with a different question published each time, once a month. You can take this test as many times as you want until you pass.
We made internal adjustments and preparations while trying out the "quiz generator" in the preliminary stage, and started at the end of January, one month after the introduction of learningBOX.
We were also able to conduct the first national mock exam at the end of April 2021.

That's great! Is the course set up to be available on smart phones?

The goal was to make the course easily accessible to anyone, and to encourage people to go back to the manual.

[Mr. Ando.]
That's right. Let the time be somewhat free. The purpose of the quiz was to encourage students to look back at the manual I mentioned earlier. It is quite thick, so reading it tends to be a chore, but you can get them to touch the manual by linking it to the questions and guiding them to read what page of the manual for detailed information.
We have also set it up so that if you score over 80 points on the national mock exam, a certificate will be issued to you.

Thanks to the introduction of learningBOX, web testing has become very popular within the company, and even those who were not literate in the business before have become more positive about it.

What have you found to be effective after the introduction of ━?

We have received an increasing number of consultations from other departments, such as requests for excerpts of national mock exam questions to be used in "in-house lectures.

[Mr. Ando.]
I started getting a lot of inquiries from other departments about implementing a web system (laughs).
In response to requests for advice, we share information such as, "You can use it this way, so why don't you try it?

So we are actually using it in other departments as well.
We introduced learningBOX for the renewal system of various licenses required for the operation of all CLIKRA distributors nationwide. License renewals had been conducted through on-the-job training, but it was difficult to gather people from all over the country to the training site, which took a lot of time and money, so we wanted to review the system. After the introduction of the learningBOX, we can take the training at our own time, which eliminates the disadvantage of traveling, and I think it has been very effective.

I see. Is there anything else?

We are using the questionnaire function of the learningBOX to collect and distribute reports on the activities of each staff member.

[Mr. Ando.]
We also thought that we could use the system to improve productivity from a different perspective, so we have our sales representatives across the country report on their daily activities using the questionnaire function.

For example, each sales representative logs in to learningBOX by 9:00 a.m. the next day and fills out a questionnaire form to report on their performance, including how many contracts they closed that day. By noon, the results are totaled and published as "Announcements".
More than 400 people are registered with us, and we pick up those with excellent performance and introduce them to others. By sharing information such as how many new contracts we have obtained nationwide and how many we have accumulated to date, we can foster a sense of working hard as a team.

Until we introduced the learningBOX, the limit was once a week to put all that information in one place. It was also quite difficult, but this is the first time that we can deliver the information on a daily basis.

Some people want everyone to know more about their achievements, while others are inspired by the hard work of their peers across the country.
When the number of cases reaches a certain level, we try to make it so that they feel rewarded by receiving a message from their superiors.

Do you have any plans to use learningBOX to improve your business in the future?

As for knowledge acquisition, I want to be consistent with learningBOX.

[Mr. Ando.]
With learningBOX, we are able to check how far each employee has gone through the preliminary study before the training, so we can make sure that they have passed a certain level of training. With learningBOX, we can check how far each participant has gone in the pre-training study before the training, so we can make sure that they have cleared a certain level before they participate. I would also like to use learningBOX to consolidate knowledge acquisition, including follow-up after the training.

Case Studies

How do you feel about the value of creating your own training and exam content?

I think it is better to be able to produce in-house in order to respond with speed.

[Mr. Ando.]
Of course, there are times when it is faster and higher quality to outsource the work because it takes more time and effort to produce it in-house.
However, in our case, even if the product is developed by the product department, we often fail to get permission from the government agencies, or the product is rejected at the last minute, or the information changes. In order to keep up with the speed of development, it would be better to produce in-house.

We felt that a low-cost, simple, and easy-to-use system like learningBOX would make it easier for us to step into in-house production.

Thank you very much! Finally, what do you expect from learningBOX in the future?

We would like you to learn more about our company and actively make suggestions.

[Mr. Ando.]
The learningBOX contains a variety of functions, and I believe that the more you understand it, the more you will be able to expand what you want to do.
However, to be honest, I think there are some systems that we have not yet mastered, so I would be happy if Tatsuno Information Systems could learn more about our company and make suggestions on how to use them to match our services and education as we continue our relationship.

↓This is the official website of the "CLIKRA" brand of NAC Corporation.


What did you think of the case study interview with Nac Corporation?
We were very happy to see that they actively used the learningBOX right after its introduction and deepened their understanding of it.
I think it takes a lot of time and effort to raise a large number of staff to a certain level.
However, it was very encouraging for us to know that learningBOX was able to contribute greatly to this.
I will continue to do my best to contribute as much as I can to the business that NAC is developing to support people's daily lives.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to meet with us.
We appreciate this opportunity.

Mr. Kinichi Ando, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!