Case Studies

Case Studies

UUUM Corporation

For influencers
Used for compliance training

Creator Management Unit
Mr. Hiroshi Takekawa, Executive Officer

March 30, 2022

Established in June 2013. Starting with YouTuber management, we provide support for other SNS influencers and propose solutions for companies that leverage their influencing power, allowing everyone to play a leading role. We create value and provide entertainment using new-age media.

Group training is not possible due to the new coronavirus.
Cost of training venue for several hundred people, transportation for participants, and other expenses are high.
To motivate creators to participate in training
It's an important mission to ensure compliance, so we want to make sure it gets to the participants.
Online training for non-interpersonal, cost saving
Easy-to-use system does not discourage students from taking courses
Combination of video + testing to make the content more memorable.

Compliance training through e-learning to avoid problems!

Please give us a brief description of your company's business.

We manage SNS creators and promote them using our influencing capabilities.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
We began by managing and supporting influencers, mainly YouTube creators, who themselves transmit their own content through SNS, and now we are developing a wide range of businesses.
We have exclusive production contracts with several hundred of the most influential creators with whom we work, and we assign a manager to each of them.
Our job is also to propose and support promotions for companies that sell products and services, utilizing the influencing power of our creators.
We also work with influencers on a variety of other activities that fans can enjoy, such as selling goods, holding events, and launching brands.

Case Studies

I'm sure you must be having a lot of fun with this job from what you've just told us! Thank you very much. Now, could you tell us about the background of your implementation of our learningBOX?

We needed to create an original curriculum for training for creators.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
At our company, there are two main targets for training. One is for our employees and the other is for our creators.
For employee training, we already have a service that we have been using for some time, and we have established operations using the general-purpose curriculum provided by that service.

On the other hand, for training for creators, we needed original content, not generic.
We can create our own original curricula, deliver them to our creators, and make them easy for us to manage. While searching for such a tool, we came across learningBOX.

What made you choose learningBOX over other LMS tools?

We have given top priority to intuitive usability.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
The Creator Support representative prepared a document that allowed us to compare advantages and disadvantages, ease of use, and price. The most important factor was "ease of use.
Since creators are busy every day, it is difficult for them to make use of learningBOX if there are barriers to its use. learningBOX is intuitive and easy to work with, which is exactly what we were looking for.

What kind of content does your company create?

Videos of actual problems are made and transmitted in an easy-to-understand manner.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
The learningBOX is mainly used for compliance training.
We promised society that we would ensure compliance when we went public, and it is essential for creators to transmit information safely and securely to the world as they increase their influencing power. There are many things we need to convey to you in order for you to conduct your activities in a sound manner, taking reputational risk into consideration.

Therefore, twice a year, we offer a compliance training course using the learningBOX. We mainly create videos and have the participants watch them.

As we transmit videos and images that will be widely disseminated on a daily basis, we inevitably cannot reduce the risks to zero. There are cases where you can get involved, and there can also be trouble related to copyrights, portrait rights, and other legal issues.
Therefore, based on actual cases and cases in which the creators were involved, we will tell you about them in a video to teach you a lesson.
Then, after watching the video, the students are asked to take a test based on the content.

Case Studies

It seems to me that you can make mistakes without knowing it. Is that video created every time?

The goal is to have them accompany a change in behavior. We are sending out messages with this in mind.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
Yes, I do. We try to share as many recent cases as possible as soon as possible, such as what happened after the last training.
If the content is related to general support, I may talk about it in the video, but if it requires specialized knowledge, such as legal matters, I may have one of our legal staff appear in the video.
We believe that by doing so, you will realize the importance of the project.
Since the main fields involved are different, such as pharmaceutical laws for beauty-related influencers and copyrights for gaming influencers, we may send out genre-specific content individually.

The goal is not to simply watch a video and put it in your head as knowledge, but to have it accompanied by a change in behavior.
In part, we do not want to inhibit or restrict the activities of creators more than necessary, but we convey this information in the hope that you will protect your own brand by knowing and practicing the necessary information.

What are some of the benefits you have experienced since the introduction of the new system?

I think the training has been as effective as face-to-face training.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
Originally, we rented venues such as hotels and held training sessions with hundreds of creators in attendance.
One of the positive aspects of gathering offline was that it provided an opportunity for creators to communicate with each other. Since everyone is engaged in their own activities on a daily basis, we don't have a chance to see each other's faces, and it was a good opportunity for us to meet and talk with each other in person.
On the other hand, if you include the cost of the venue there and the transportation costs for the participants, it was costing a lot of money.

However, with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, it has become difficult to get together on a large scale. The value of direct communication had to be abandoned in the corona.
Nevertheless, how to conduct the mandatory compliance training and how to monitor progress? LearningBOX was the solution to these issues.
We have been able to reduce costs considerably, and I believe that we have been able to achieve the original objectives of the training, such as delivering necessary information and convincing the participants, as well as before.

Are there any areas that you found difficult to understand or use after using ━learningBOX?

If it could be linked to communication tools other than e-mail.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
Generally, there are no complaints or discomfort regarding the feel of the product.
However, when we announce that we are going to start the compliance training, we start by sending it to the email address associated with the learningBOX, but we usually use Slack for communication between us and the creators, so we need to use a system other than email. It would be appreciated if it could be linked with other communication tools.

Case Studies

Thank you so much for your valuable input! We will consider this immediately. Once again, what do you see as the value in creating your own content?

The more content we create, the more know-how we accumulate in our own company.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
As I mentioned earlier, our objective is to have the creators feel the importance of the project and change their behavior through the screen.
To achieve this, the creator must digest the content carefully, put it into a compact video, and create it in a way that the viewer will not get bored and will be able to watch it all the way through. This process is a learning experience for our staff, and the fact that videos are accumulated in this way means that our company is accumulating know-how. I believe that the value of these videos will continue to grow as we continue to make them.

I'd like to conclude by asking you about your future plans.

We want to create a world where people who express themselves can do so in a healthy way.

[Mr. Takekawa.]
The creators who are active on various platforms are truly diverse and will continue to send out more and more fun things. Even celebrities are boldly using YouTube and SNS, and there are many alliances with entertainment agencies.
We hope to contribute to a world where those who express themselves can do so in a healthier manner and where there is no slander or defamation.
For this purpose, we would very much like to continue to rely on the help of learningBOX.


What did you think of the case study interview with UUUM Corporation?
I was surprised to learn that influencers, who have a tremendous influence on the world, clear various compliance hurdles while transmitting enjoyable content.
I also think this is a good example of how even elementary school students can learn through e-learning systems via digital devices.
I think the work of everyone at UUUM, which is so generously supported, is indispensable in this day and age.

We hope that LearningBOX will be able to help everyone at UUUM in their work, and that it will help creators to continue to send out enjoyable, high-quality content.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to meet with us.
We appreciate this opportunity.

Thank you very much, Hiroshi Takekawa, for taking the time for this interview!

Please feel free to contact us.

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