Case Studies

Case Studies

Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co.,Ltd.

e-learning has brought
higher pass rates for qualifications

Ms. Ayako Nakagawa, Counselor, Skill Development Promotion Section, Mass-Market Retailer Planning Department
Ms. Satomi Fujii, Skill Development Promotion Section, Mass-Market Retailer Planning Department, CE Company

May 25, 2022

Established in 2006. The pillar of our business is the sale of Panasonic brand home appliances, which are sold to LE (local electrical appliance specialty store division), CE (consumer electronics mass retailer division), VE (lifestyle retailer division), etc. We also have divisions such as customer service for repair and service, and business units for solution proposals. By delivering products and services, we support the lifestyles that lie ahead and contribute to the creation of comfortable spaces and environments.

Improving employee performance
Promoting industry qualifications
Building an environment for learning easily
Improved qualification pass rates
Established active learning atmosphere

Learning on smartphone made so easy to access for employees

First of all, could you tell me the details of the business?

We are responsible for the domestic distribution of Panasonic products.

[Ms. Nakagawa]
Our operation includes domestic sales, repair-service, and solution proposals for Panasonic products.
We are in charge of human resource development for the sales division.

Case Studies

What made you introduce learningBOX?

We chose learningBOX as a learning tool for qualifications preparation in this industry.

[Ms. Fujii]
As part of HR development efforts to improve the skills and expertise of employees, we've been working on promoting the higher pass rate of the qualifications.
I had been looking for an e-learning system as a learning tool that would allow them to balance work and study, and I found learningBOX.

So many other e-learning tools, why did you choose learningBOX?

First, we tried a free plan and all members in our division felt "This is it!" Immediately we reached our agreement.

[Ms. Fujii]
Our first priority is on a feature to learn with smartphones. I searched on the internet and found learningBOX.
Since learningBOX offers free for up to 10 users, we shared it within the division and tried various things, and all of us found it very easy to use, simple to operate, and full of functions. The members in our division got on the same page and decided to introduce the system.

━What are benefits you have experienced since the introduction of the new system?

We achieved very high pass rates for qualifications. It was visibly effective!

[Ms. Nakagawa]
The pass rate has improved. I found the system is highly effective because the questions that you made mistakes remain so that you can more focus on your weakness.

━ That's fantastic! I guess you could say that learningBOX was a good match for your employees in balancing their daily work and study.

I was surprised to see how effective it is! Especially our employees are using their smartphones a lot to study and they liked that.

[Ms. Fujii]
For qualification exams, it is important to deepen understanding with the textbook and repeat past tests. Studying over and over again on smartphones led to higher pass rate. As for the effective use of spare time, we have received positive feedback: it was an easy tool for studying on crowded commuter trains, and some people who were raising children studied on their smartphones while putting their children to bed.

Case Studies

━ I think you must have created a variety of contents but which format did you use for them?

All questions are True/false. Commentary for each question brings great effectiveness.

[Ms. Fujii]
250 questions were all True/false.
Since commentary can be added to each question, employees can deepen their understanding when answering past tests. From that point, the effectiveness of learning is outstanding.

━We're always happy to answer any questions or requests you may have! Could you tell me your thoughts on the value of in-house content?

We can create contents tailored to the situation of every worker in each field.

[Ms. Nakagawa]
We are promoting a "culture of self-directed learning" in our company. I think learningBOX is a very valuable tool to encourage that. Customizing the contents meets our needs.

━You changed a plan from a monthly to an annual contract. Are you thinking of expanding the usage of learningBOX in the future?

The program has been widening not only to other departments and divisions but other qualification exams' preparation.

[Ms. Fujii]
As we expand our use to other qualification exams, some exams can be taken through a year, so we decided to offer annual contracts with no fixed term.
Further usage of learningBOX for other training is under consideration as well.

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How was the case study interview with Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co.,Ltd.? Even a good product may not reach the end user if employees do not have the ability to convey its appeal to retailers and customers.
It was impressive that each employee is working hard to push through this on a daily basis and to pass qualifications and certification exams.

We are happy to help in some way, knowing that the accurate presentation by workers at Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co.,Ltd. is ultimately enriching customers' lives.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to meet with us.
We appreciate this opportunity.

Special thanks to Fumiko Nakagawa and Hitomi Fujii, for taking the time for this interview!