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Seibu Gakuen College of Medical Technology

Repetition in the spare time is the key to success.
Great preparation for the national exam!

Ms. Nao Iizuka, Speech-Language Pathologist, Department of Speech-Language Pathology, Tokyo Ikebukuro School (photo on the right)
Ms. Ikuko Takenaka, Career Advisor, Department of Speech-Language Pathology, Tokyo Ikebukuro School (photo left)

September 30, 2022

Seibu Gakuen College of Medical Technology is a vocational school in Tokyo and Saitama that trains specialists in "food," "medicine," "health," and "hospitality. The Tokyo Ikebukuro campus is home to the Department of Speech-Language Pathology, which trains students to become speech-language pathologists, professionals in the fields of hearing, swallowing, and speech. The department has introduced and is using learningBOX to prepare students for the national examinations. We asked them about how they use the system for independent study, the challenges they face, and how they plan to utilize the system in the future.

I wanted to create a system of independent study to prepare for the national exam.
Students had accumulated paper data of their own problems and wanted to convert it to data.
I can now study easily and as often as I want, regardless of time or location.
Quiz content, questions created from the red book, etc. are entered into the learningBOX and utilized.

Allowing students to create their own questions helps them retain knowledge.

Please tell us about the characteristics of your school.

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology at Tokyo Ikebukuro aims to qualify students to become speech-language pathologists.

[Dr. Iizuka]
Our school is a three-year vocational school. The Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at Tokyo Ikebukuro aims to obtain national certification as a speech-language pathologist. 40 students are accepted per school year.

Case Studies

What is the background behind the introduction of learningBOX?

It was recommended by a graduate of our school.

[Dr. Iizuka]
I was recommended by Mr. Kidaoka, a graduate of our school and an employee of your company. Before joining your company, Ms. Kidaoka had been working for a speech-language pathologist exam preparation website (Speach Therapist) was set up. It is the most visited site by students studying for their speech-language pathology certification in Japan.

Within this site, learningBOX is used to solve past exam questions and other questions, making it very easy to learn. Most students see this page and I tell them that it was actually a graduate of our school who created this.

We decided to install the system because we thought that the ability to repeatedly solve problems would be useful for students' independent study.

How are you currently using learningBOX?

It is mainly used to review quizzes and create questions from the red book.

[Dr. Iizuka]
Due in part to the spread of the new coronavirus, we are actively using the program to prepare third-year students for the national exam for speech-language pathologists. third-year students must study for the national exam while going to hospitals for practical training.

On days when I do not have practical training, I go to school, and the school conducts a quiz every morning. The content of the quiz is to solve 20 questions from past national examinations each time. The quiz is given on paper, and after solving it, students grade it by themselves and write their explanations on it. We also enter the quizzes, including the explanations, into the learningBOX so that students can review the quizzes each time.

In addition, there is a book like a red book for the national examinations for speech-language pathologists, and the national examinations are also based on the contents of this book. The students are given a sheet and asked to make up 10 questions from the book. I give them a sheet and ask them to make them by hand and add explanations.

Since everyone in the class is creating their own problems, the problems are accumulating and we wanted to convert them into data, so learningBOX was perfect for us. This method of use has been very well received by the students. They seem to find it ideal for studying in their spare time, since they can solve the questions quickly since they are 10 questions at a time and they can quickly review the questions they got wrong.

Repetition is very important in preparing for the national exam, so I think it is good that you can easily learn over and over again with zeros and ✖ questions. Just reading a book makes me sleepy, so I still think that in order for people to solve the puzzles, they need to read the book properly and make it so that they can consolidate their knowledge.

In the first semester, these two pillars are used to prepare for the national examinations through the learningBOX.

Please let us know if you have any other examples of how you are using the learningBOX.

We also use the site to post explanatory videos and to review mock exams.

[Dr. Iizuka]
Videos that explain students' questions and videos recommended on YouTube are posted on learningBOX. In addition, we conduct a mock exam once a month and have students review it in a group study session the week after the exam. The questions that come up there are compiled and posted as Q&A in PDF format. Since we have 15 practice exams a year, we post them after the exam each month so that students can review them at any time.

What were some of the difficulties or challenges you encountered in using the LearningBOX?

How to inform students and instructors about its use is the difficult part.

[Dr. Takenaka.]
I don't know the programming language, so I had a hard time creating the questions in text. The question creation form makes it easy to enter the questions, but when the number of questions is large, it is better to upload the questions created in text or Excel. But it took me a long time to understand why there was an error when uploading, etc.

In the future, students will be more likely to enter their own questions. I think it will be interesting and educational, but I think it will be difficult to teach them how to operate the system.

Case Studies

[Dr. Iizuka]
Yes, I was familiar with office software, but I didn't know programming languages, so sometimes I couldn't upload problems forever. I needed time to understand how to use the software because I was doing it while performing various tasks.

Students will learn operations, etc. quickly, but there are challenges in this area, especially since many of the outside instructors are elderly, and about half of them cannot do online classes at home and come to the school.

If you have any questions about how to operate or utilize the system, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We also offer an optional service to create questions on your behalf, so please be sure to take advantage of it.
So, is there anything that makes learningBOX easy to use?

It operates smoothly and is highly rated by students.

[Dr. Iizuka]
I can upload videos quickly; I uploaded a video that was about 30 minutes long and it was smooth. Also, the student screen (learner screen) has a bright design, and the icons are cute. The fact that the learner can use it intuitively without any explanation is also helpful. Students say it's easy to learn because it runs crisply even on their smartphones. I think it's easy to use because you can see your grades and it's easy to understand visually.

Have you seen any positive effects from the introduction of the LearningBOX?

I have only started using it, but I am confident that it will gradually become more effective.

[Dr. Iizuka]
There are a certain number of students who do not know how to review by themselves. We felt that the grades of these students tended to be poor, so by introducing the learningBOX, we were able to create a specific system for review and support independent learning.

I believe that this will be reflected in the scores of the mock examinations that we conduct once a month. There is a trick to how to study for the national exam, and it is very important to study through repetition. It is important to continue until you answer all the questions correctly, so I am confident that continuing to study using the learningBOX will be effective. I will report back to you when I have concrete figures.

How do you plan to use the LearningBOX in the future?

I would like to incorporate this into my 1st and 2nd grade studies.

[Dr. Iizuka]
Although our vision for how the system will be used in the future is still unclear in some areas, in the second semester, third-year students will return from their practical training and begin classes at the school. Most of the content will be preparation for the national exam, but we would like to develop the problems solved in class on the learningBOX.

Third-year students who have actually used learningBOX have commented that it is easy and smooth to learn on their smartphones. They seem to be looking at it even when the trains are packed, so we definitely want to utilize it in the first and second grade classes as well. There is still the issue of how to get outside instructors to help us, but we are eager to move forward with this project.


What advice would you give to those who are considering implementing learningBOX in the future?

I recommend it for your national exam prep!

[Dr. Iizuka]
Currently, online classes are increasing, and you are using a variety of systems and tools. I think it is also necessary to use different systems and tools according to the characteristics of each.

I believe that many universities have engineers enrolled in their schools, so the hurdle to implementation is lower. learningBOX is highly recommended to support independent study in preparation for national exams.

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How was the case study interview with Seibu Gakuen College of Medical Technology?
We believe that the learningBOX is being used as a means to support students' independent learning, and that there are many areas where it can be used as a reference, such as having students create their own questions to prepare for qualification examinations.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to meet with us.
We appreciate this opportunity.

Thank you very much, Nao Iizuka and Ikuko Takenaka, for taking the time for this interview!

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