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Mr. Takamune Tsuzuki (left photo) Mr. Haruhiko Ota (right photo)

Issues and Reasons for Introduction
  • The existing e-learning system was old and not compatible with smartphones, so the company was considering replacing it.
  • We were looking for a system with an "EC function" that would allow us to sell content.
  • To consolidate knowledge within an organization into a single location for efficient sharing.
Solution / Effect
  • The intuitive UI makes it easy for both administrators and learners to use and improves work efficiency, and it is also compatible with multiple devices.
  • Using the EC function, we were able to start selling content.
  • Plans to expand as a platform for accumulating and sharing knowledge

LIXIL is a global corporate group consisting of approximately 270 group companies that provide products and services in more than 150 countries and regions. LIXIL Realty provides comprehensive services related to housing and real estate, including real estate sales and leasing management. The company was considering replacing its old e-learning system, which was difficult to use, and decided to implement learningBOX after searching for a system with an EC function that would allow them to sell content. In this interview, they talk about the challenges they faced before implementing learningBOX, how they actually use the system, and their future outlook.

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I had a hard time finding an e-learning system with EC functionality.

First of all, could you introduce your business and your work in charge?

Mr. Ota:.LIXIL Realty is a company that provides comprehensive services related to housing and real estate, including real estate sales, renovations, rental management, and company housing agency services.

We are the headquarters of a real estate franchise called "LIXIL Real Estate Shop" and we plan and manage training programs for our franchisees.

What were challenges you faced before introducing learningBOX?

Mr. Tsuzuki:The e-learning system in use was time-consuming to replace content and was not compatible with smartphones. In addition, content could not be viewed without logging in to the system. We needed to solve these problems and make it easier to provide information to our customers.

Can you tell us how you came to know about learningBOX and what made you decide to introduce it?

Mr. Tsuzuki:We took the time to compare many products in order to replace the system.

However, it was difficult to find one that met my requirements, and after interviewing several companies, I was unable to make a decision. Finally, I searched the Internet and finally found learningBOX.

We were looking for a system with EC functionality because we were considering selling content, and we contacted your company as soon as we found it.

What were some of the difficulties you encountered from the introduction to operation of learningBOX?

Mr. Ota:.It took several months from the introduction to the start of operation. The reason for this was that we had to work on the creation of free content as well as paid content in parallel in order to enhance the content to be posted. As a result, the number of contents increased.

Successfully reduced time spent on ID registration

Please tell us about the actual content provided using learningBOX.

Mr. Tsuzuki:We provide content for merchants. We provide educational materials mainly for inexperienced and new employees in the industry. The content includes information on basic knowledge of the real estate industry and an explanation of how mortgage loans work.

We also provide video seminars. We provide recordings of lectures given by tax accountants and judicial scriveners on basic knowledge about taxation and inheritance.

Currently we have almost 100 contents. In terms of videos, the shortest ones are about 5 minutes long and the longest ones are about an hour long.

You have only been using the learningBOX for a short time, but have you noticed any positive effects?

Mr. Ota:.We have been able to reduce the time required for ID registration. In the past, we received applications separately by e-mail, etc., and it took several days to assign IDs and register them here.

Since we ask learners to register themselves in order to purchase and study the content, we feel that we have been able to significantly reduce administrative man-hours. Currently, the number of accounts issued is about 200.

We used to accept only those who wanted to purchase paid content, but with the introduction of learningBOX, we started offering free content, which has been very helpful because the number of eligible users has increased significantly.

Do you have any requests to improve our service?

Mr. Ota:.This is a minor detail, but if you upload videos directly, the video icon will be attached to the teaching materials, but those uploaded using an external service are recognized as documents, so it is difficult to tell which are the video materials.

You will also see a search window at the top of the "Select Course" page for searching for the materials you need. Searching here only allows you to search by course name, and if you search using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of that search window, you will probably get a decent hit on the name of the material and other details. It would be difficult to make this known to learners, so a single search window would be fine.

Thank you. We can also set "search keywords" in the content to address searches. We will consider your request internally.

Mr. Tsuzuki:We are "the eCommerceI am using the "Registration" system, and it would be helpful if the date and time of that registration is displayed when outputting the user in CSV. I feel that it is very difficult to check that part on the screen since it is information that is really necessary.

Yes, in fact, we have already received similar requests from other customers, and we are in the process of working internally to improve the system. We apologize for the inconvenience until it is implemented, but we would appreciate it if you could wait a little longer.

learningBOX is multi-functional with a wide range of options

Could you tell us about your plans or outlook for the future?

Mr. Tsuzuki:As a franchise headquarters, we have accumulated a variety of know-how. We would like to create an environment in which franchisees can easily obtain this information at any time.

The number of registered users is still small, partly because it has only been released for a short period of time, and there are some people who register only to skim through the contents.

It would be a waste if the contents are not utilized, so the headquarters should not only arrange the contents, but also promote their utilization by showing the kind of people who would like to see them and how they can be utilized.

Mr. Ota:.Through this platform, we hope that member stores will absorb the best practices and sales know-how of other stores, which will lead to their own growth and improved performance.

We also have a policy of strengthening employee training in areas such as "compliance" and "information security" for employees of member stores.

With the introduction of learningBOX, we now have an environment in place to provide curriculum, and I believe that it is necessary for the head office to create a mechanism to encourage students to take courses.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering implementing learningBOX?

Mr. Ota:.What I feel after actually using the system is that it can be operated intuitively, so there is no need for an instruction manual. We recommend that the administrator also find it easy to use, and the learners have no trouble operating it. Various customizations are possible, and the screen is easy to understand and view.

When choosing a system, we compare and contrast many different systems, but it is difficult to understand everything about the system and sign up for it. Later on, you may find that this was not possible or not supported.

But with learningBOX, after starting to use it, I often find myself thinking, "I didn't know it was possible to do this." It can be configured in detail using HTML, and I am happy to have found a truly multi-functional system.

Because of the abundance of options and other features, there may be aspects that are difficult to master, but the more you tweak it, the better it will be.

Thank you for your participation

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