Even if you use 100 accounts, it costs only 30,000 yen (excl. tax) per year.
e-Learning is now at such an affordable price beyond common expectation.

Even if you use 100 accounts, it only costs from 30,000 yen (excl. tax) per year.
e-Learning is now at an affordable price beyond the expectation

We want affordable and simple e-learning system.

When you search for “Create Question” and “Create Quiz” in Google search, our site is displayed at the top. This is not the result of relying on an SEO company, but the result of the production of a quality product for free commercial use.

This is an interaction between customers and us enable us to provide such a cost-effective e-learning system.

Education × Quiz = Enjoy

Since its launch in 2011, QuizGenerator has been responding to the need to create quizzes from a variety of businesses.
By making it free for commercial use, it is used by people in various businesses, such as in university, cooperate training, private cram schools, and sole proprietory restaurant.
In 2016, with requests from a number of customers who want to manage the score, the implementation of the member management and performance storage function, we started operating as an e-learning system.

Our main focus is the price.

Most of e-learning systems are expensive and used for large enterprise services. It costs approx. 300 to 500 yen per account per month.
Our e-learning system is intended for small businesses use, and we are offering it for 28 yen per account by simplifying system and integrating it as a quiz management system.
For example, even if there are 100 students / employees / students, we would like to make it a system that will be loved by companies that have not been able to reach e-learning so far by making it only 2,750 yen per month.
We hope you can use our system as learning enhancement within the university faculty, small and medium-sized enterprises, private cram schools, and as a manual for restaurants.

Change the world with the power of IT education.

learningBOX is an e-learning system from Japan.
Even if you look around the world, none of the company that boasts an e-learning system market share.

The e-learning open source system moodle is a high-performance yet complex system and cumbersome, resulting in sotly management after an installation.
In addition, many e-learning programs are developed by private companies are very expensive pricing, and the boundaries for the installation are high.

Our goal is to create a system that enables anyone to easily build a web based learning environment.

It’s an e-learning system that you can start using easily, in terms of both cost and operation.

We hope to be able to play a role in creating more educational opportunities, not only Japan, over the world.

Our Strength

A feature of our company is that it is “Affordable”. Most of e-learning system has a high initial cost,is built for large enterprise use. Our system is offered at 1/10 of the market price.

As sales of the system, from advertising for the conventional brand recognition with the demo screen creation, a large burden of advertising costs and operation expenses, had led to the higher selling price as a result.

Our system has created significant cost reduction because of the strong SEO and the demo screen can be done by the users themself.