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Teaching Material Distribution Function Video,PDF,QuizGenerator,Certificate,Report,Questionnaire,Vocabulary Card,Scorm Teaching Materials and etc.
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Member Management Individual Invitation
Send Invitation Mail
Batch Invitation With CSV
Update Information With CSV
Custom Field Function
Group Management Group Folder Creation Function
Group Hierarchy Function
Teaching Material Distribution Setting You Can Distribute In Groups By Folder
Teaching Material Distribution Period Setting The Distribution Period Can Be Set For Each Folder 
Teaching Material Repetition Setting You can perform the exam by setting one-time teaching materials
Management Authority Function Function to check only graded members in a specific group
Function to edit materials in a specific folder only
Function to view grades only for materials in a specific folder in a specific group
Function to edit all teaching materials
Security enhancement function Two Factor Verification
IP login restrictions (* only for dedicated server plans)
Login Log Function You can check the login log of the user invited to the environment.
Notification Function You can post news from the administrator on My Page.
Message Box Function You can send a message to a specific group or a specific member.
Teaching Material Retail Function Teaching material retail function can be used by EC function (*Dedicated Server Plan Only)
Open Teaching Material Release Function QuizGenerator materials can be posted on the Open Question List