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Second Side

Create an “answer”.

In accordance with the time and environment,
It is natural that demands from people contantly evolve or change
Even if it is a minor change.
So we always think like this.
What is the “answer”?
To get there, don’t get stuck in tools and media.
Because “answer” is not something to look for, it is something to make.

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Entrepreneur Factory

enfac supports human resource development and organizational development with video content. Video content that can be expected to have a quick effect on companies and entrepreneurs aiming for IPO, companies that are aiming for growth and change, utilizing know-how through company training with over 500 sessions and creation of educational videos that exceed 1000 contents provide and support business success.

All entrepreneurs who want to improve the world through business and solve organizational issues, and that they will continue to be useful to society by accelerating the success of managers, successors, and personnel in the organization. Aiming.

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