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Conventional e-learning required technical difficulty and cost, but now it is an era where anyone can easily distribute e-learning. learningBOX has the function to meet the customer’s demand, and it is also recommended for use in small and medium-sized enterprises where full-time training personnels are not available. Even if it is difficult to make full-fledged learning contents, you can start learning by using the standard quiz creation function.

DFO Solutions not only builds a training environment and trains training personnels but also designs and develops e-learning and provides blended training. If you have any questions about how to implement micro-learning and effective training, feel free to contact us as well as if you have any questions regards to education/training, such as tool suggestions, original training development, e-learning production, mechanism, and its system.

TEL.050-5867-6442 1-2-17 Fukami Nishi, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, 163-10000, Japan, “Betelgeuse” entrepreneur support space Rigel3

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Introduction from the learningBOX management team
Since the early days when the introduction of e-learning began to progress in Japan, he has been planning blended training that mixes e-learning and practical training.
He has various knowledge about e-learning from teaching material creation tools to various LMS functions and SCOOM specifications.