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learningBOX supports iSpring.
Presentation contents created with iSpring can be installed.

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learningBOX supports iSpring.

* ISpring is a product sold and supported by ExcelSoft Corporation.


Introduction from the learningBOX management team

iSpring can be used as an add-on function for PowerPoint.
By using iSpring, you can shoot lecture videos based on the power-point materials for teaching materials you already have.
This is an authoring tool recommended for those who are thinking about making in-house video presentations.

iSpring quizzes and surveys do not support multi-byte characters (Japanese or Chinese).
Although it is displayed correctly when the teaching material is displayed, it is sent as a single-byte character when saved to grades,
Basically, Quizzes and other results in iSpring are unable to analyze with all other LMS.

iSpring is the Recommended tool to create the presentation.