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How to use the Certificate Creation Form

From version 2.11 of learningBOX, you can create the certificate with new features.

You can give your learners special impression with certificates with stylish or cute designs.

With the upgrade of learningBOX version 2.11, certificate design and its layouts can now be arranged by customer preferences. If you use the prior version, you had to follow a predetermined format and enter the text. But now you can customize the certificate freely. In addition, certificates can be saved as a template and can be edited.

We explain the certificate creation form screen. Please check the followings for related functions.
>> Manage Certificate Template
>> How to create a certificate from the default template
>> How to use your certificate
>> Certificate List

*Please note that the traditional certificate can be edited even after the learner has “completed and passed” the content. However, from Ver. 2.11, you are unable to edit the certificate after you publish it.

How to Use the Certificate Creation Form

1. Sign in to the learningBOX with the admin user account >> In the sidebar, click on “Manage Contents”.

learningBOX content Administrative Functions

Click on the operation menu button (+ symbol) in the upper left-hand corner and select >> Certificate >> “Create Certificate”.

learningBOX Create Certificate

3. Use the templates created in the “Manage Certificate Template“section, you can register the certificate with your created certificate.

learningBOX-Certificate Creation Form

How to set up

Enter a title name and choose a template. Finally, click the [Publish to “Internal”] button in the upper right corner to save your certificate as one of your content. It will be shown as one of the content at the “Manage Contents” screen.

*About the “Create New” Button
Certificate Creation Form - Create New

When you click this button to go to the create template screen, you can create and save a new template It is registered as a certificate and can be created as a certificate as it is. You can find detailed instructions on how to make it in this article.
>> How to create a template from the New button


After saving, you can set it at the end of the course you created

Utilize the control bar to create a course and install the certificate. Since this is an exercise, you will create a combination of [Quiz >> Control Bar, >> Certificate]. The control bar will be set up as “—You can move to the next content if you have passed up to here—“.

Let’s check the certificate on the learner’s side of the screen.