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Paid Plan (Continue)

  • If it is one month before the end date of the paid plan, a notice about the end of the Paid Plan and a button for continuing application will be displayed on the administrator’s My Page.

    1. From the continuation application screen, apply at the time of application and transfer the fee.
    2. The expiration date will be extended as soon as the transfer is confirmed.

When the end period has passed without applying to continue the paid plan

  • Users will not be able to log in, only Administrators will be able to log in.
    We reserve the data but the user cannot log in anymore.
    The user can log in by performing one of the following two operations by the administrator.
    1. Apply to continue and continue the paid plan again.
    2. Remove users and reduce the number of users to 10 or less to return to the FREE plan.
      (* If you choose No.2, please be careful that grades will be deleted for the deleted users. Please be careful.)