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First, download form. After downloading, unzip the file.
There are two files “sample.html” and “form.html” in the unzipped folder. First, open “sample.html” in a browser.

You should see a screen similar to the image above. Please touch here.

Next, open “form.html” in a browser.

A screen will open with the quiz format that you think will be used mainly.


Create a questionnaire based on “form.html”.
Right-click “form.html” and open it with your editor (Atom, Xcode, Hidemaru, etc.) from “Open with”.

“form.html” opened by IDE

Those who have never touched the program may not know what is, but the parts surrounded by color frames are linked.

The part entered in white characters on the editor side is the character displayed on the browser side. Please rewrite only that part as desired.

Next, I will explain each quiz.

Enter the quiz in the section between <article class=”form-group”> and </article>. If you want to increase the number of quizzes by copying, please copy including <article class=”form-group”/article>.

The part to be rewritten is the part surrounded by the color frame.
The part surrounded by the red frame is the same as before and is the character displayed on the browser.
If you enter “data-required = “true” enclosed in the green frame, the answer is required.
The blue frame is the blue frame part of the image below displayed when you see the answer result in learningBOX.

If you set the same name in the blue frame part, the answer will be mixed, so be careful.

The frame of orange </ span> displays the part of the image below in the case of pull-down, multiple selections, and radio button formats.

Rewrite the word inside of “xxxx”.

The part displayed on the right side of the frame is the part displayed on the browser. The answer that is saved when you select it, even though it appears on the screen as another choice, is the text in the box.

After that, copy and rewrite the necessary quizzes and save them.

If you get used to it, let’s compare the editor side and the browser side to see how “sample.html” is created. You can prepare multiple answer formats for one quiz. Of course, you can rewrite and use it as is.

Register in learningBOX

1. Click the + mark and click “Questionnaire” and “Upload File”.

2. Enter the name, select the .html file you want to register from “Select a File”, and click Save.
You have completed the procedures.