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  • Creating the Question can be created by the Question Creation Form.
  • Once you understand it, you can create quizzes with no difficulty.

As for Procedures
“1.Content Management”
“2. Content management → Quiz test → Create quiz/test”
“3. Enter the title”
“4. Show the details (option) or Hide the details (option)”
“5. Choose the quiz format”
“6. Enter the quiz text, correct answer, wrong answer, and explanation”
“7. Click to Publish”

To the Quiz Creation Form Screen

  1. Do Login
  2. Click the “Content Management” in the sidebar.
  3. Click “Create quiz/test” from the operation menu (+ mark) in the upper left. 
  4. “Quiz Creation From” is displayed.

Create a Quiz with the Question Creation Form

* The number of quizzes and choices is variable, you can make as many as you want.

  1. Enter title (name)
  2. Show details if an option is needed, Close details if not needed.
    Detailed settings

    ▼ Overview
    This message is displayed at the start.

    ▼ Maximum number of quizzes
    If no value is set, all quizzes will be asked.

    ▼ Shuffle order
    Randomization in the order of quizzes. If you specify false, quizzes will be asked in order from the first quiz.

    ▼ Passing score
    It is the passing score.

    ▼ Sound effect
    Specify the presence or absence of sound effects. If you specify true, a sound effect will sound.

    ▼ Indication of correctness for each quiz
    Correct display. If false is specified, correct/incorrect will not be displayed.

    ▼ Additional Options
    Various settings can be made by selecting the options.

    Detailed options are here  refer



3. Select the quiz format.

Question Format

 You can create 11 quiz types such as
▼MCQ (A Single Correct Choice)
▼MCQ (A Single Correct Choice & Button)
▼MCQ (Multiple Correct Choices)
▼Short Answer
▼Multiple Short Answer
▼Short Answer +
4. Enter the quiz

1.Describe the quiz statement
2.Write the correct answer
3.Write the wrong answers
4.Make the commentary if necessary. * Depending on the quiz format, you can add or delete answers, wrong answers, and explanations.
Click (+) to add
Click (-) to delete


5. Click (+) to add a quiz. Create the quiz using the same procedure as above. * It is also possible to delete the quiz. Click (-mark) to delete


6. Click the “Publish” button to finish the created quiz.


* Confirm added quizzes

  1. Do Login
  2. Click “Content Management” in the sidebar in the same way as [To the Question Creation Form]
  3. On the “Content Management” screen, you can confirm that the created quiz has been added.